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Misha is sad to see me go.
I never thought about studying abroad and didn't even apply for the Rome program until really late. What happened was that one day I was walking back from a Computer Science lecture with a friend, and she mentioned that she was planning to study abroad in Italy next fall and travel to all these exotic places. Studying abroad sounded like a lot more fun than spending my friday nights sitting on dingy seats, discolored from years of abuse by unwashed CS majors, in the unlit basement of Soda Hall, trying to figure out why my Bayesian network wasn't inferring correctly. It sounded like a lot more fun. It didn't take much more than that to convince me, and by the next week my application was in.

Fast-forward a few months. After the semester had ended, I had spent a fun summer working in Redmond, WA  and now that I was back home I only had a few days to get ready for Italy. I don't remember much about those few days except that they were really hectic. I also remember having to drive to every Fry's Electronics in Silicon Valley looking for a Italian/US power plug converter and finally finding the correct converter in a package mis-labeled for Africa/US. After saying good bye to friends and family, I headed to SFO and was off.

kevinw83 says:
For the record, I always showered before heading to Soda.
Posted on: Nov 14, 2005
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Misha is sad to see me go.
Misha is sad to see me go.
So is Sasha.
So is Sasha.
The only luggage I brought with me…
The only luggage I brought with m…
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