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Getting ready

Day Three we wake up and it’s beautiful out again. I head out to work out on the beach as the sun rose from the water, then we grab some quick breakfast from Joe’s.

Today’s our day to head out and get some activities going. We booked a snorkeling trip with Suya Tours which was right down the road from our villa. Carlos who owns the business was great, along with his wife, in getting us set up for the tour.  Their guide Chicho picked us up at our dock and took us out to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. 

So here’s the deal, I can’t swim. So I was never a fan of jumping into waters. I’m also not a fan of live fish, especially big ones (anything over the size of a gold fish). But on this trip I said I would be a G and face my fears.

Scary Grouper
We’re on the boat, I strap into my life vest, throw on my flippers, pull down my scuba mask…and I’m ready! My first two friends go in because their swimmers and can handle it. Then my fellow non-swimming friend gets a floating lesson and begins her snorkeling adventure. So now it’s my turn, I jump in and get a lesson in floating that I take to pretty quickly. THEN, Chicho told me to look down. I did and all I see are all these Massive fish and what I think was this ugly grouper just staring me in the face, I panicked. I grabbed onto the boat and screamed “They’re UGLY”, and gripped the boat for dear life. Then I thought they were touching me so I climbed my scared ass right back on that boat, ripped all my equipment off and called it a day.
I said I’ll hold the fort down and make sure the boat doesn’t float off anywhere. I know it’s tied up, but still…the rope could snap.

So as I watched all the fish swim around and all the snorkelers, I’m taking pictures. All of a sudden, a boat starts to pull up next to ours. I saw this boat before because as we pulled into Hol Chan, we had to have proper documentation and show that to these guys. One just had a regular tee and shorts on and was manning the boat. He was more Mayan looking and had long hair pulled back into a ponytail. The other had on a ranger-like uniform, black guy, clean cut. Both were definitely in their young 20’s.

Anyway, so they yell to me and ask me to unravel this flag that was wrapped around one of the poles on our boat.

Back on the boat...making sure it's stable.
I did it and asked them what does it mean. Honestly, if their explanation made sense I would remember…but I don’t. They then start the small talk. The long hair guy asks me if I speak Spanish and I respond with a no. Then he asks me my name and I ask them theirs. The longhaired guy is Rudy and the black guy in the uniform is Ferguson. Ferguson doesn’t speak the best English, but Rudy is very fluent so he really does most of the small talk. What was funny was that as they were talking to me, boats had to pull up to them to show their paperwork. They didn’t move from our boat to do their job.

So then they ask me why I’m not getting into the water and I pretty much let them know that the fish are big, ugly, and will try to eat me.

Then Rudy just starts giving me the guilt trip about fear being in the mind and the fish being afraid of me and yadda yadda yadda. He was really trying to guilt me back into the water like that was going to work.

So I’m going down the ladder to get back into the water, cause I’m no punk, and I look down, see that same grouper because he won’t leave, and start panicking again. Rudy hops onto our boat to talk me through it and calm me down. Luckily my other friends were back and it was time to move on to the next location, so I climbed back onto the boat in a matter of seconds. I appreciated Rudy and Ferguson though. When I ask Chicho why the guys asked me to nravel the flag he told me they were just trying holla, which is what I figured.

So After Hol Chin, we head to Shark Ray Alley…Greeeaaaaaat. This name says it all, it’s nothing but Sharks and Sting Rays. These animals were beautiful, but still scary none the less. Chicho would throw fish guts into the water and these sharks would devour it. But they were friendly with us since we provided some food. I’m sure when the food ran out they would be coming after us.

So after this long day out at sea, it was time to head back, get showered, get rested, then get some dinner. For dinner we hit downtown and found a spot called Carambas where I inhaled some Jerk Chicken cause I wanted nothing to do with fish, and a nice Blue Lagoon cocktail to end a great day. 

SmileyGirl says:
I absolutely love Belize! :)
Posted on: Jan 29, 2012
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Getting ready
Getting ready
Scary Grouper
Scary Grouper
Back on the boat...making sure it…
Back on the boat...making sure it…
Theyre hungry!
They're hungry!
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