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Lots of fitness freaks! :-)

I don't know if Bangkok Belly exists, but thats what I'm going to call it, or whether in fact I was suffering the after effects of airline food. But needless to say I spent my first three days in Sydney i.e. all but one! in a cycle of stomach cramps and constipation! Sorry guys, had to share that bit of information with you :-) Thanks for the foresight mum, however the Dioralyte is still untouched! So my first experience of Oz started off being somewhat marred, so much so that I have booked a few days in a Sydney hostel before I fly out to the New Zealand. Got to visit the zoo to see the koala bears!

Anyhow, enough about my gastrointestinal experiences, let me regale you with the sights of Sydney! I must say my initial impression of the place was one of awe! Despite staying in the red light district (again!!) the city feels really safe, clean and welcoming.

Will come back to update this bit. I will also attach the photos soon, just once I have managed to get onto a computer that was created in this century and doesn't require pedal power to keep it powered! :-P

OK I'm back. Where was I? Ah yes, Sydney. Well like any other city it has lots to see and do. The thing I like most about the place is the wildlife. Massive bats living in the park trees, strange birds that look as if they just stepped out of Jurassic Park (need to look them up for a name!), cute little chick (being attacked by prehistoric birds, poor thing), and much more. Oh and possums!! They are soo cute! As for the rest of the wildife, thats been limited. One wallaby, one little grass snake and massive (the size of my hand) but luckily harmless spiders.

So in order to be able to see some of the wildlife in their own habitat I have been taken on a couple of bush walks at sunrise and sunset.

It appears that the wildlife had been warned or else were having a lie in / early night. Seeing the cute furry wildlife would have been nice but I'm pleased that we didn't come across any of the snakes, although we did see some tracks. That was close enough for me! :-)

Back to Sydney. The later photos are better as the sun in shining and everything looks twice as nice! We did the obligatory tour of the bridge, opera house, NSW State Library, ferry trip to Manly (for a spot of sunbathing). Walked around botanic gardens, beautiful flowers, and plenty of opportunities for tree hugging! See the photo of the botanic gardens sign.

Other stop offs included Paddy's market, NSW art gallery, general wandering and sightseeing, all using the free city bus. Bargain! Theres so much to see here that I didn't get around it all. Good excuse to come back I reckon!

For any of you planning to hostel in Sydney, give the Blue Parrot a wide berth! Instead I would recommend the Bounce Hotel (which is a mixture of dorm and nicer rooms), really great rooftop lounge with fab views at night.

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Lots of fitness freaks! :-)
Lots of fitness freaks! :-)
Hug the trees and talk to the bird…
Hug the trees and talk to the bir…
Botanic Gardens
Botanic Gardens
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