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 Its been a long day with all the travelling, (I just took a 5 hour flight to Pheonix and then travelled 4 hours by car to the Canyon and 4 hours back). So in short, Exhausting! Right now, nothing is more comforting than knowing that a warm bed awaits me.The clock shows 5.02 am and my body is screaming at me to go to sleep. But I just have to pen my thoughts down.

All I thought about, during my four hour drive to the Grand Canyon was, this better be worth it. The drive to Grand Canyon revolves around elevations and scenery that involves dry land and a bunch of cactuses. Im the apocalypse of laziness and completely detest travelling.  So yes, not a very good combination. The sweltering Arizona heat of 117 degrees didnt quite help either. After the hundreds of " Are we there yet?" and insane amount of grumbling that mainly revolved around " Why is this so far" we finally reached the Grand Canyon City. It looks just like any other city but with a bunch of motels and restaurants that somhow manage to incorporate either Grand or Canyon to their name.

25 Bucks gets you a map and into the Grand Canyon National Park. Due to the constraint in time, we only visited the South Rim. ( The North rim is an hour from the South ) From what I understood there are 12 points in the South Rim, from which you are able to see different views of the Grand Canyon.

If you like deers, you are in for a treat. As we parked our car and went to one of the first points, we saw a deer having grass outside one of the lodges. As casual as that. A bunch of people kept clicking photographs but unfazed with all the commotion, it continued to have its dinner. You will see quite a few of them in and around the national park.

It was the first point, the Mather point, that completely blew me over. In one word it's  "mesmerizing"  Its amazing how water and mountains formed an object of such magnitude toghter. The Grand Canyon was formed because of many sources, the biggest being the Colorado River. It said to be one mile deep and the Grand Canyon itself stretches over 250 miles. After the first point the rest, as breathtaking as they are, wont be that mind stopping. We spent the most time at our first spot and every point after that was quickly skimmed over. To get to each spot is a 5 min drive.

Im not a die hard nature freak, heck what most people consider artistic , I just plain ignore. But the Grand Canyon made me stare and gave me a new found appreciation for its kind. Explaining it would be understating its beauty and no amount of adjectives can fully describe how beautiful it really is.

One thing about the Grand Canyon that puzzles me is the security or the lack of it. None of the views except maybe one or two points has any sort of bars or railings. Its just as easy to fall from it as it is to admire its beauty. And yes, I did get a few shivers when I saw kids standing there with parents in the vicinity but not close enough. From what I heard, there has been a number of accidental deaths and many a number of suicides. It doesnt surprize me. Infact, the opposite would have.

There is plenty of area in the Grand Canyon where you can do some serious soul searching. It can be a good meditation point and its hard not to attain a sense of serenity when you are there. If you are lucky enough to catch sunset or sunrise, it is an image you will forever keep with you. Besides gloating over the fact that you saw it. :)

All in all, It was well worth the 8 hours of drive, the heat, and the grumbles. I wouldnt do it again, but thats just me! The Canyons sure are grandeur and is defnitely worth a visit.

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290 km (180 miles) traveled
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photo by: ahtibat17