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Spent two nights at Byron Bay. One night was spent at the local bars and later in the evening clubs, such as the Cheeky Monkey. I enjoyed myself, but it really isn't my preferred scene. I'm not very good dancing anyway.

The following morning hiked up to the lighthouse and most Easterly point of Australia, but didn't get a picture of either as I left my camera at home for some unexplainable reason.

That evening instead of going out to the bars with them I enjoyed a few beers at the bar early on and then bought a 6-pack of Bundy and coke and enjoyed myself on the beach with my camera for the rest of the evening. Throughout the evening I kept noticing decent sized groups of people (or maybe it was just the same group going back and forth) with lights chasing after objects on the sand. I didn't know what they were doing and after about five shots had been ruined by people with flashlights I just left an exposure running and went up to them to see what was going on. They were a little confused as to why I was interested, but quickly found they were chasing and catching crabs. Mostly small crabs, but still fun to catch in the dark. Lots of flashlights and headlamps to help guide the way when one is discovered. I discovered one and it was caught by one of the children. I obeserved how he grabbed it and the next one I found I pointed out and light was quickly cast upon it and I caught it. A fairly good sized one too; not the largest, but definitely one of the larger ones to be caught that night. I had camera attached to tripod and in my left hand. I was quite proud of myself, despite it not being anything all that impressive. It was a good night and even if the shots I took turn out to be crap I enjoyed listening to the ocean, spending time alone and in the quiet to sort out thoughts and then the experience of catching crabs that I won't be soon to forget.

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