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Outside tango in San Telmo

Tango is all about finding and maintainig your own balance.

A week pass by quickly in Buenos Aires. :) I've spent two intensive days taking dancing classes and just love it! So, after my last lesson, which went really well (I managed to do really complictaed things that I'v never tried before) I went, on my teachers advice, straight to the tango shop across the street to get some proper shoes. I fell in love with a pair of red ones...

Really happy about the shoes and the tango progress I decided that it would be an appropriate next step to hit the real action by going to one of the renomeed clubs, El Beso, which happened to have a milonga that eve.

Armed with my red shoes and den lilla svarta (black dress) I got quite a few "i love you" thrown after me.

My tango shoes
(That's from the local boys, can be any age and most lightly is their entire English vocabulary.)  Arriving at El Beso nine oclock, the place was already packed.

Now, the milonga places follows certain formal rules.. You get shown to your seat. Women sit along one side, the men along another. When the music starts eyes meet and if there is a nod and perhaps a smile, the connection is made and the guy walks up to the girl and they take their place on the dancefloor and start dancing. Then you dance in a close embrace, cause the place is packed, for four dances with the same partner, until the pause music starts and the man takes the woman back to her seat.  

So, for me if was like this.. I arrived and of course not knowing much about the rules and maybe because I'm me, I didn't wait for someone to show me my seat, but took my own.

Me, Anne and Amanda at the drumming concert
Luckily, however, amongst the girls. I observed, put my shoes on, and almost immediately got a cramp in my right calf.. Haha. However I spotted my dancing partner from the class, made contact almost intuitively by nodding and smiling, of course that's the easy part, then before knowing we were on the dance floor and actually dancing amongst the professionals! It went quite terrible. :) Stiff and nervous, new shoes and felt like dancing in front of a jurry when passing all the people sitting along the sides. However, not total disaster, but could definitely have gone better. My poor dance partners did their best though. And as I concluded, nobody's perfect..

Funny thing is, in the middle of the eve they suddenly started playing rocknoll! when I heard it I instinctively start twisting, since this is my "natural" way of dancing. Doesn't take many seconds before I have a dance partner and really can shake loose to this relieving beat.. Great brake from the tango. It lasted for two songs.

Anyway, had a great and educational evening and really enjoyed being in the heart and heat of the BA tango scene. I'll definitely do it again, however need to practice more and also rest my sore feet and calfs...
Thanks mum and dad for giving me my dancing genes! 

Taking a break from the tango for a new adventure.. 

Love Monica

sylviandavid says:
Wow.... you took a dance class and made a fun recreation... good for you
Posted on: Jan 22, 2012
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Outside tango in San Telmo
Outside tango in San Telmo
My tango shoes
My tango shoes
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Me, Anne and Amanda at the drummi…
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