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the Garden Stone hostel

If you are in Argentina, or in the remote presence of the northern parts, bordering Paraguay and Brazil, you must take the opportunity to visit the Iguazu falls!

I was first not planning to do this, although everyone was talking about it. But then I hooked up with a travelling mate from the hostel and we just went for it. And, I must say, it was totally amazing.

Crossing the Argentinian steppes with the night bus is not a comfortable ride.. Even with semi-leaned comfy seats, the ride takes about 18 hours. I hooked up with a Portuguese guy for this weekend trip to Iguazu, and it was very nice to be travelling with someone. We started at seven in the evening and we arrived at noon next morning. Boy what a ride... But we got some champagne, an ok meal and then managed to sleep a bit anyway.

Paradise with a pool after two hot weeks in BA
I woke up for a bit at dawn and had a look at the sunrise. It was so beautiful. I thought to myself \"Here I am, crossing Mu-mu-land.\" (lots of cows strolling around on the steps alongside the road)
We spent a whole day at the falls. It\'s one of the biggest waterfalls in the world and they were just fantastic! Placed in the middle of the jungle, the falls were not the only attraction. I saw some beautiful butterflies, lizards, gibbons and some striped thingies, which looked like a mix of a badger and a tapir. Very funny little buggers. Following the advice of other backpackers we went on the Nautical tour, which was a very wet experience. It\'s a small rubber boat that takes you as near to the falls that you can\'t see a thing and you get totally drenched. But it was very funny and quite refreshing in the heat.
Heading into the national park of Iguazu, "Don't feed the animals"-sign

In the evening we found this amazing little local restaurant, which I momentarily forgot the name of, but with the very cool chef Fabrizio (bandanna plus hat, chaperon, moustache, big smile). I must say that it was the best food that I\'ve had in Argentina so far. Simple, but great! And the wine... Yeah, you can only imagine. All the wine from Mendoza that I\'ve tasted have been really good.

The hostel we stayed at was close to paradise, had a small pool, some hammocks and a very friendly atmosphere. Despite from the actually depressing Christmas tree (see picture), it was perfect. So good to see some proper nature and a very needed break from the busy Buenos Aires. The last day we even went on a trip to Brazil, just to get the passports stamped.

at the top of the falls, called the Devil's Throat or Garganta del Diablo
A very pointless and somehow stupid trip, but quite funny. The night bus back to BA was even more bumpier and also filled with locals, which were definitely not used to champagne and whiskey. But they had a good time dancing around in the bus while we tried to sleep. I always have a good feeling while I\'m on a bus though, feels like I\'m going somewhere and I feel happy. So I turned my focus on the thunderstorm outside the window instead of geting annoyed of the noicy people, had some good music playing from the Bajspod and watched the jungle light up with magnificent lightnings.

Now back in BA and focusing on tango 100%, hence I haven\'t had the time or energy to write until now.. Hope all of you my friends are feeling good and doing fine. Please drop me a mail, it\'s always welcome. :) And a very special Happy Birthday to Fia! <3 Cause today is her birthday. :) Grattis!!!!

Ah, just remembered the name of the restaurant, la Caserola. If you are in Iguazu, be sure to go there and say hi to Fabrizio!
Greetings from a continuously hot BA.


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the Garden Stone hostel
the Garden Stone hostel
Paradise with a pool after two hot…
Paradise with a pool after two ho…
Heading into the national park of …
Heading into the national park of…
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at the top of the falls, called t…
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Filipe and me at La Caserola
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Cool flowers by the pool
Cool flowers by the pool
On the night bus
On the night bus
Puerto Iguazu
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