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Froze my feet getting this picture of the Blue Lagoon!

I really, really, really think the woman at Iceland Excursions told me the shuttle would come for me at 11:30.  Instead, it arrived at 10:30!  Thankfully I was almost packed, so I threw the rest of my stuff right into the suitcase and flew out the door.  I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye to the other people staying at Our House!

Blue Lagoon is right by the airport, so most people go either FROM the airport or on their way TO the airport.  My flight was at 5:00 PM, so I scheduled my visit before leaving Iceland.  Several bus/tour companies will take you to the Blue Lagoon, then come back and pick you up to take you to the airport a few hours later.  

There are plenty of descriptions of the Blue Lagoon.

This was right outside the Blue Lagoon...not for swimming, but so beautiful! long story short, I was underwhelmed.  I paid 500kr ($4.00) to visit the swimming pool and $5,800kr ($45.00ish) to visit the Blue Lagoon...and the swimming pool was better.  It was cold out and I did not want to get my head wet because the muddy water at the Blue Lagoon is terrible for your hair.  Plus, the water stung my face.  Despite my struggles to keep my head/hair dry, both of them got wet.  Also, it was just too cold to keep your sometimes-wet head out of the water for a long period of time.  AND, I was bored just sitting in this water.  So yeah...I didn't really enjoy the Blue Lagoon.  Some people might.  

From there, I headed to the airport, then to Boston, then home the next day!  It was truly a great trip.  There were times when I was bored, traveling solo, but it was still a very positive, very fun experience.   AND I was successful seeing the Northern Lights! WOOHOO!!

ellechic says:
Glad you enjoyed your trip despite the blizzard and other mishaps...
Posted on: Jul 23, 2012
sarahelaine says:
Congratulations on a great blog! It sounds like an amazing trip. I would love to go back to Iceland- we were luckier with the weather but we didn't see the lights because the moon was full.
Posted on: Jan 16, 2012
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Froze my feet getting this picture…
Froze my feet getting this pictur…
This was right outside the Blue La…
This was right outside the Blue L…
photo by: MadeleineGL