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It was not my intention to visit this place when I boarded a ferry from Km.11 Sasa, Davao City to Babak, Samal Island. Not until my cousin-in-law informed me that my ever-dearest crush TV host/sportsman Marc Nelson visited the place and that a representative from Guinness Book of World Records checked out the place recently.  That and a beautiful beach grabbed my attention, then, off I took a 'habal-habal' (single motorcycle) ride to Monfort-Bat Cave in Babak, Island Garden City of Samal.

The fare will cost you only 11Php/pax from Sasa, Davao City to Babak, Samal Island.  From the pier, several tricycles are waiting for your beak and call.

 Fare ranges from 25Php-P50Php depending on your destinations. The cave is within the area so it only took us 30minutes to reach the place and 50Php less was stashed from my cash.  The entrance fee is 20Php/children and 40Php/adult.  Before I forgot, the entrance ticket has the stamp of Guinness World of Books Records.  You will be guided from the entrance on wards.  The area is not yet fully functional when I arrived.  As soon as I paid our entrance fee (I am with my mother, cousin and nephew) - we were asked to proceed to the stairs leading us to the entrance the cave.  It is gated for safety.  No one is allowed to enter without permission, may it be human or animals.  I was only allowed to take pictures outside of the gate, right outside of the cave. 

 I learned that these bats are called  Geoffroy's Rousette Fruit Bats also known Rousettus Amplexicautus.

 These are considered endangered kinds of bats and Monfort bat cave happened to house the largest number of it.  These bats eat fruits.  So for those who freak out and too scared to checkout the place because they are afraid the bats may eat them  (Just like my nephew.Hahaha!) - you can stop holding your breath and explore.   Its not the first time for me to visit a cave, but this is my first time to see bats under some large rocks, on the ground and even on trees which  is so unusual.  According to our guide, the cave is too small to accommodate the colony of bats taking refuge in  there.

There are around seven (7) caves according to our local guide but only one remained inhabited due to the irresponsible hunting and inhabits destruction of other people in the area.

 I am so glad both local residents and government along with the property owner Ms. Norma Monfort save the bats and the place by guarding the caves, developing a sanctuary that is now famous for educational tour and other environmental-related activities.

Just outside the cave is a resort where you can rent a cottage or bring your own tent or perhaps, your picnic blanket.  If you are planning to have a picnic, you must bring your own food.  The next  available store is 30minutes away from the cave.  No corkage fee and cottage fee ranges from 100Php-200Php.  The ride going back to the pier is a not so easy for there's no awaiting tricycle or motorcycle outside the premises.  Either you ask the driver to wait for you or you will  need to walk back to the terminal.  

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