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My brother Jason lives in London. My other brother Jeffrey and my girlfriend Heather and I went to visit him over New Years Eve to ring in 2012. My brother the local made plans for us to go to a club on the Thames where we could drink and dance until we see the fireworks at midnight. After getting out of the tube we walked up the stairs into the December air with a million people surrounding us. Everyone was separated immediately. There were about 20 of us in total, my brother's friends along with us. After 2 minutes no one knew where anyone else was. Luckily Heather and I held each other's hands so we began walking in the direction of the flow of people in the hopes that we would get lucky and find someone we knew. No dice. We walked onto a bridge over the river without any idea of where any friends were and even less of an idea of where the club that was the original target happened to be. The walk across the bridge continued. I started to get upset. Someone hits the two of us on the back and he happens to be Jeffrey. I've never been happier to see my baby brother. He was doing something similar to Heather and I except he was walking in an area of the bridge that was blocked off. A part of the bridge that he was walking the wrong way, illegally when he saw us and jumped the barrier to run us down. From there I ran to the closest Tesco and got a bottle of whiskey and a bottle of champagne. I ran back with the liquor. Heather had already made friends with a Japanese girl that loved Colin Firth almost as much as she does. We drank the whiskey and knocked the bottle of champagne over at some point, breaking it. We drank more whiskey since we didn't have any champagne. We met Hungarians and drank with them. A drunk Australian asked where we were from and when we told him Los Angeles he began singing Red Hot Chili Pepper songs until he ran away. The fireworks went off at midnight. We got home around 4. The next day we learned from the news that the fireworks that were shot over the river out of the London Eye was the biggest firework display in the history of the UK. The next day we learned from the news that there were a million people there to see it. Literally, we found each other in a one in a million chance. Without question, the best New Year's Eve of my life.

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photo by: ulysses