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What's a mountaineering organization without a mountain to climb, right?  And so after several times of swimming, sunbathing, caving, spelunking, Island hopping in the Islands of Borawan, Dampalitan, Mag-asawang Bato, here we are in our final leg - Lipata Island to conquer Mount Lipata.

Professional and amateurs (like me!) mountaineers alike do appreciate the beauty of each mountain whether its as high as Mt. Apo (Davao City), as steep as Mt. Pulag (Benguet) or as simple and splendid as Mt. Lipata.

Right after we set our foot on the warm and beautiful shore of Lipata Island which they call Uro's beach, we started spreading our sleeping bags (sarong and blankets for others) in a nearby shady trees.  Eat halo-halo (20Php/tumbler) made available by locals in the area and take more photos of the beach than our memory card can save.

 After an hour of resting and preparing our gears, off we start to trek and hike the mountain.  Its the first time of most of us to climb Mt. Lipata and we are so excited and eager to reach the top.  It might not be as steep and as high as other mountains but surely its not an easy climb either. Even though our guides are cutting off unwanted grasses and 'kugons' along the way - there are still stubborn that manages to scratch and cuts our hands, feet and even faces - those part of the body that are not covered (I suggest you wear a rash guard or long sleeve jacket.)  There's a lot of cliffs and boulders too.  There are parts of the trail, especially near the summit where in we must use the rocks, boulders and tree branches available to get to the next trail. Hanging on for our dear lives.Hahaha!

Some opted to stop right on the summit's foot for the summit needs to be climb by protruding rocks and tree branches (without the harness - it was forbidden by the guides but we still took the risk).  Just like what happiness do to someone - some shouted their lungs out the moment they reached the peak.


DAY 1:

02:00AM - Assembly (exact place will be arrange on pre climb meeting)

03:00AM - ETD to Padre Burgos

06:00AM - ETA Lucena, Stop over at Lucena Grand Terminal

08:30AM - ETA Laguimanoc pier (Padre Burgos), board private bangka, island hopping starts

                  (Prepare for your swimming attire)

09:00AM - ETA Mag-asawang Bato Island, 15mins free time

                   Optional activities: swimming, snorkeling, picture-taking, early socials

10:00AM - Dampalitan Island, free time

                   Optional activities: swimming, snorkeling, fishing, beach bumming, siesta, grill

12:00PM - Lunch

13:00PM - ETD to Borawan Island

13:30PM - ETA Borawan Island, free time

                   Optional activities: rappelling, rock climbing level 1 and 3, snorkeling, swimming,

                    bouldering, rock scrambling, caving/spelunking, fishing, siesta, eating, each  


19:00PM - Dinner  (fresh fish, large squid for grilling, octopus, etc are available at the island by


                   Night activities: camping, swimming, games, campfire

DAY 2:

06:00AM - Wake up call, breakfast, sunrise viewing, swimming, snorkeling, rock climbing,

                    rappelling, fishing, beach roaming and beach bumming

10:30AM - Break camp, pack up to Uro's beach

11:30AM - ETA Uro's beach, prepare for lunch

12:00PM - Lunch, free time

                   Optional activities: swimming, snorkeling, 20-30minutes hike to Mount Lipata

15:00PM - Wash up

16:00PM - ETD to Laguimanoc pier (Padre Burgos)

16:30PM - ETA Laguimanoc pier (Padre Burgos)

17:00PM - ETD to Manila

21:00PM - ETA Manila


  • Camping equipment (tent, stove, cook set, lantern, etc.
  • meals
  • Headlamp or flashlight
  • Clothing (jackets - might be cold at night)
  • Optionals: camera, sun block, insect repellent lotion, rash guard, knitted gloves, goggles/snorkels, helmet, knee pads, fishing gears

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Padre Burgos
photo by: crazychictraveller