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View from the rest stop on I-68

So my mom and I went on driving and decided to go I-68 through Maryland rather than the I-70 through Pennsylvania for two reasons.  One is because everyone else said it was so beautiful and more scenic and the other is because we didn't have to pay for toll roads..even though it was supposed to take longer! 

So we're going to enjoy the scenery and oohing and awwwing and we decide to stop off at a rest stop off the road...well, to do the obvious...rest.  We go into the little lodge type thing, because there are no restaurants just a lodge.  So we get some pamphlets, because my mom wants to go stop somewhere on the way.  but in reading them we realized...duh...it's sunday. Everything in these small towns are closed!  So we take them for future references and walk back outside.

Mom looking out the view finder trying to find the Mason Dixon Line
  Out there on the balcony is a view finder that you put a quarter in and you're able to see areas of interest in there.  There was an old school that you could look at, a small white church, I-68 (or was it actually I-70 in the distance...I'm not too sure) and then the Mason Dixon Line was at number 1.  Ok, so I looked in this thing and couldn't find it for the life of me.  There was no difinitive line that said "hey over here...I'm the mason dixon line"  so we put another quarter in to see if we missed something.  Nope...we didn't...just couldn't find it.  I think it's actually a ploy for them to make more money.  But after a couple minutes of looking stupid we go back to the car and head on our way.

we went past Morgantown, WV.

Maybe we'll see Barney Rubble?
..stopped for some Arby's and went onto I-79...only there was somesort of accident up the road and the traffic was going really, really slowly!  after a couple minutes of sitting there...and me browsing through my GPS and seeing that we can bypass the traffic jam!  Hmmm....I told my mom to get off the exit and we can bypass the traffic, there was a road that ran parallel to I-79 and we can go around the traffic.  We found the road and started to drive it an wondered if we got the right road and that there's not two roads with the same name near the same place because the road was a small dirt road that wouldn't hold two cars going at each other.  but the GPS was telling us that we were going the right way, even though we couldn't go over 15 miles per hour!  We go trucking along the road as fast as we could to get to the end.
A Llama on the side of the dirt road somewhere off of I-79 in Pennsylvania!
..and we finally, after 7 miles, come upon a farm and guess what kind of farm?  A Llama Farm!!  I've never seen one before!  We roll down the window and snap some photos and continue on our way.  We get to the end of the dirt road and find our way back to I-79...and guess what? There was no traffic!  I don't know if we found our way past the traffic jam or if they passed us up...but either way we had a trip going down the dirt lane!

We had a good trip and my mom said the GPS was great and wanted to borrow it for her trip to Minneapolis...I'm going to get my mom up on technology if I have to beat it into her head. 

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View from the rest stop on I-68
View from the rest stop on I-68
Mom looking out the view finder tr…
Mom looking out the view finder t…
Maybe well see Barney Rubble?
Maybe we'll see Barney Rubble?
A Llama on the side of the dirt ro…
A Llama on the side of the dirt r…
photo by: pinchora