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The Inner Harbor of Baltimore, Maryland

So my sisters Birthday was May 10th so we went up to Baltimore to celebrate late.  My mom and I left DC with the power of the GPS unit to find our way...which is a good thing because we would've gotten lost.  We headed up to the interstate and before we got there we were stuck at the left lane turning lane where we got stopped by the police.  Now since we were in DC we thought that the police baracade was because of some Government Official... I got my camera ready for the limo and it was a marathon of bikers...we laughed because of how much we hyped it up.  So we had to turn left...my mom was freaking out...oh my gosh we have to turn around she kept saying.  I told her to hold on.

The Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland
..let the GPS guide us out... she stopped and let the GPS unit recalculate and it got us out of there by going around a block and we didn't have to turn around in any wierd fashion.

The roads from DC to Baltimore were probably some of the best roads I've ever driven on.  The scenery was beautiful and the roads were so smooth and such a comfortable ride it felt like we were flying rather than driving!  That is until we got to Baltimore.  We realized that Baltimore is a lot like Pittsburgh.  One was is that the roads are just as bad, if not worse than Pittsburghs!  Now we have some really bad roads that when you get your car aligned a week later it needs it again...it's impossible to bypass them! 

We got up there around noon... and we walked down South Chester Street near Fells point.

On Pier 3 of the Inner Harbor
  My sister wanted to show us the Polish Church and Polish Treasures general store.... my sister and I are a quarter polish on my dad's side and she thought that it would be a nice place to get a gift for my grandparents at.  We went into Polish Treasures and looked around.  We walked in and looked at some trinkets 'n at in the front room where the cash wrap was.  We thought the room behind it was just storage...and the clerk told us we could go back.  The next room had some nice books, which my sister got a cook book for my grandmother.  And then there was another room behind that room that was full of Christmas ornaments and decorations...I guess I know where my sister is going Christmas shopping for the family!  We bought our stuff...I got some tea written in Polish and my sister got that book.
Polish Treasures store on South Chester Street

We walked back up to her house to put the gifts there before we headed out.  We walked back down Chestnut to Fells point where we poked around Federal Hill area where my mom found some touristy things to take back to her friends and then we took the water taxi so we wouldn't have to drive over to the Inner Harbor to see the main attraction of Baltimore.  We took our taxi to the other side of the bay and got off at the aquarium stop.  My mom wanted to go there on this trip...but apparently this is a really good aquarium so the line was really, really long!  We vetoed waiting in line...because we all hate large, cramped crowds of people and we went to the Baltimore Maritime Museum at Piers 3 and 5 in the Inner Harbor. 

Here we went onto the USS Torsk...a submarine that was commissioned for WWII, the Lightship 116 "Chesapeake" boat.

The Star Spangled Banner Museum
...which was used to guide boats through the harbor by acting as a light house on a ship, the USCGC Taney who was produced for the US Coast Guard before WWII and the Seven Foot Knoll Lighthouse...which is the oldest surviving screw-pile light house built in 1856 and it worked for 133 years.  The museums were alright...but it was more like play land on a vessel because the people who worked on the boats 'n at were a joke...they just sat there reading their gossip magazines and not giving any real information...well, all except the light house...the lady on there was cool!

That took a long period of time and we then walked around the piers looking a people and things and entertainment.  We then decided to go see the star spangled banner museum... now....on all my trips I have something in common.

The Star Spangled Banner Museum history
..the places I want to go are closed or under construction or something where I don't get to see it.  And the curse followed on from DC to here...we got to the museum 2 minutes after it closed (apparently it closed at 4PM!)  So we took photo's from the outside and looked in through the gate.  At this point my sisters roomie called us to meet for dinner.  She wanted to go to a place called Amici's in Little Italy.  We headed out that way and waited for her roomie, who was running late, for about a half hour...the restaurant wouldn't seat us until the whole party was there---I wrote a review on this so check it out below!

After dinner we took the water taxi back up to Fell's point and my sister showed us Captain James' where she wanted to go for lunch the next day.  We walked back up to her place and hung out for a while until my mom and I drove back down to our hotel in DC.


Now...I know I have one more day left for you to read...and as you can figure out we only stayed in Baltimore to eat lunch so I'm going to say what I wanted to do.  I wanted to go to see Babe Ruth's house (www.baberuthmuseum.com/)  and go to Edgar Allen Poe's house (www.eapoe.org).  My sister didn't want to A.) try to drive there because she didn't know where it was despite I have a GPS that would tell us and B.) Since she doesn't know about anything with history she didn't know the significance of the Great Bambino (let alone who he was) nor cared about the historical aspect Edgar Allen Poe has on great literature....if you can't tell from my previous blogs this is something I like to do.

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