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 I love nature ever since I can remember.  I love the feel of raindrops on my face - when it rains.  I love the cold water on my feet when I am in the pool, creek, river and more so in the sea.  I love to see the beautiful flowers in the garden or to steal from the ground the shade of the tree, the blue sky and... the mountain and the jungle?  Yes, I never thought I would love climbing mountains and exploring jungles.

My first major climb was in Mt. Pointed Peak (a.k.a. Mount Balingkilat 1,100+masl) in Subic Municipality, Zambales.  I got a chance to join other professional and non-pro mountaineers to explore one of the highest peaks of Zambales.

 The climb was organized and led by a mountaineering club called: YABAG.

The name Mount Balingkilat was derived from the locals "Aetas" language "Mountain of Thunder".  I don't really have a full grasp of why it was called that way, maybe because the mountains not really a "jungle-like" mountain - there's little tree, more of rocks, boulders and grasses. And you know what they say about mountain that has no trees, thunders hub.:D  It is because of those rocks that made the mountain hard to climb and become steeper the nearer you get to the summit.  A beach bummer that I am, I was having hard time climbing up - good thing the beauty of nearby Cinco Picos Mountain, Subic Bay coastline and Olongapo City are a beauties to behold I don't care anymore about the scorching heat of the sun nor the numb on my legs.

 From the summit - everyone cannot stop taking their own pictures and making these spectacular views their backdrops: South China Sea, NagsasaAnawanginMt. MarivelesMt. SamatMt. Natib and other Zambales mountains.

Professional mountaineers told us they can hike Mt. Balingkilat in one day but I don't think Yabag would risk their non-prof and amateur climbers to climb down the steep trail at night, so we spent a night at the large campsite.  It was in day 2 when we decided to descend and spent half of our day in a clear and cold creek at the foot of the mountain.  For those who want to see the beauty of Mt. Balingkilat and its nearby mountains don't forget to bring sunblock, insect repellent, windbreaker and lots and lots of water.


Day 0:

22:00 - Assembly

Day 1:I

02:00 - Olongapo City (Buy pack breakfast)

03:00 - Subic (Courtesy PNP)

03:30 - ETA Jump Off (Courtesy call, tribe chieftain) local guides assignment

04:00 - Start of Trek

04:15 - River crossing

06:00 - Water source

07:00 - Saddle breakfast along trail

08:00 - Resume steep trail

10:00 - Rocky trail (steep, rock scrambling)

11:30 - Mt. Balingkilat camp 1 1,000masl (have lunch), water is available - rest

12:30 - Explore Mt. Balingkilat Summit 1,100masl to Large camp area

13:30 - Large campsite (950masl), set camp

             Enjoy life, socials, games, sightseeing, swim at summing spring, siesta

17:30 - Prepare dinner

18:30 - Resume socials

22:00 - lights out (optional)

Day 2:

06:00 - Wake up call (prepare breakfast and pre-cook lunch)

09:00 - Break camp

10:00 - Start descent, west route,prepare for steep descent

11:00 - Saddle

12:00 - Lunch on trail (water available at kawayanan)

13:00 - Resume trek

14:00 - River (wash up, swim, socials)

17:00 - ETD Jump off to Manila

18:30 - Olongapo

10:00 - ETA Manila


......Homeward bound.......


  • Flashlight, preferably headlamp
  • Change clothes
  • Foods: packed breakfast, packed lunch, dinner, Day 2 breakfast and lunch
  • Trail water/3-4L water container
  • Pair of gloves
  • Trekking sandals, rubber shoes/hiking boots(for safety reasons, no wearing of slippers on trail)
  • Optional: knee-pads, inflatable life vest, camera
  • Rain coat/poncho
  • Insect Repellent
  • Jacket/fleece, sleeping bag - it will be cold at night
  • Personal snacks
  • Camping gears (stove, cook set, lantern, tent)
  • Toiletries, sun block and insect repellent lotion
  • Personal medicines
  • Big plastic bag for waterproofing

travelwithyhanz says:
Yes, I will. I think I need to climb more 'small' mountains before Mount Pulag.Hahaha! I might not be able to reach the summit.LOL
Posted on: Mar 09, 2012
wanderlust_rxist0324 says:
hooray for mountains!! include Mount Pulag in your future plans. try to check out An Account on My Mount Pulag Climbs blogs. I hope that through those entries youll be inspired to climb Mount Pulag. cheers!
Posted on: Mar 09, 2012
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