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Well, after some spazzing out when I realized my birth certificate "disappeared" (which probably means I thought it was garbage and threw it out on one of my cleaning binges), I decided to pretend I have it and go (to Toronto that is) anyways. We left around 8pm Wednesday and got to Toronto at about 1am.  Much to our surprise, our cheap hotel (Holiday Inn Express) was really nice and we had an amazing view of the city.  The free breakfast was a pretty nice perk too :-) 

Anyways, I went so far as to make an itinerary for the trip (since I didn't for any of my other trips and wished I had), but that doesn't always work so well either, you see, the cold was pretty cold.  So, I figured, let's go through this massive underground mall and cut through that to get to ChinaTown, except it is the most confusing thing ever and leads you in circles for hours on end.  So basically, we spent the first day exploring the underground PATH of Toronto, saw the City Halls (yes there are two), Nathan Phillips Square, The Hudson Bay Company, and The Eaton Centre.  The architecutre everywhere was so beautiful and amazing.  If there is a shopping heaven, I think Toronto is it.  Oh! and apparently "boxing week" doesn't mean that they have a lot of boxing matches there that week, it's the biggest sale week of the year.  Do I have good timing or what? 

Friday, we were pretty excited to go to the Hockey Hall of Fame, which was awesome, and I would love to have pictures to show but I managed to delete all pictures I took on Saturday night by accident (grrrr).  We went back to the PATH and explored a billion random buildings. 

Saturday, we figured we could try the ChinaTown idea again, well, it didn't start out so well again, however we forged on.  Eventually we escaped the stupid PATH and decided it's better to walk in the cold than deal with it.  We ended up finding the Soho area, all sorts of landmarks, and yes CHINATOWN!  I was shocked at how big it was, it went on forever in every direction.  After Chinatown, we decided to head for lunch and managed getting Japanese and Korean, go figure.  (Honestly, we couldn't read anything in Chinatown so eating there was a no-go).  Next stop was the CN Tower (tallest TOWER in the world)  I got some great pictures of it, but, as you may recall, later that evening I managed to hit a button on my camera that erased every picture from the trip(depressing!).  We found more beautiful areas of town and had dinner and a movie (a nice break from all of the walking). 

Our last day there (New Year's Eve) we checked out the Harbour, Old Town, and had a great Italian dinner.  We stopped to look at the lake, which may have been more enjoyable were it not so cold.  We attempted to do the big Toronto thing for New Year's Eve, but ummm, let's just say, at least we tried? (long story short: rain, evil mustard and who the hell is Hedley?). 

So now, New Year's Day we headed home, and to be honest, I was pretty darn worried about this whole getting detained thing.  Well, guess what people, they didn't ask for a birth certificate! She looked at my I.D. and asked where I was born.  So THANKS for telling me I would never get out and getting me spazzed...(RUSS)!!!

I loved Toronto, I think it is a great place to visit; however New Year's Eve is not a great idea if you aren't used to extremely cold temperatures.

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photo by: yasuyo