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I flew into San Antonio and was in immediate shock because ~ lo and behold, there was sun.  I almost forgot what that looked like living in Pittsburgh (14th most depressing city in the U.S.).  So once Paul and I got into the city it appeared that there was a lack of parking availability and a billion people named Garcia...ok we were wrong we found parking and the parking attendent informed us that it was San Antonio's annual Fiesta Carnival (this huge thing that has been going on for 115 years honoring the Alamo)...and there were just a lot of people named Garcia reserving seats to watch the parade. 

Our first mission was food, and it's only proper that your first meal in Texas be we started on our hunt for this Mexican restaurant.

Paul: 'there it is" .. 

Me:  "what? the restaurant?".

Paul: "no, the alamo" 

Needless to say, the alamo is rather small people.  Ok, so then to  the Riverwalk.  Well, the Riverwalk is just beautiful and very alive with people...I give it 2 thumbs up... that is, until you've walked on it in the wrong direction for some time and come out on the street in a rather dismal and vacant area of a city you don't know.   So we took the ummm "scenic route" back to civilization and attempted the Riverwalk again in the other direction...and finally..shining in all it's glory was a 60 Oz Margarita.  Ok, so we got the Mexican food and, I am sorry to say I didn't have a 60Oz margarita, I don't think I could handle that...but I did have the traditional margarita.  Ok, so then we went on our expedited tour of San Antonio...the Alamo, well it was small, and of course, rather depressing (aah reminds me of home), but I have to say it's kind of cool to have been in the Alamo.  Then of course the Space Needle Wannabe contraption (Tower of the Americas that is)...well it appeared to be blocked off in every possible direction so the closest I got was...well at least 4 blocks away, and it didn't look very impressive so... don't worry, I am not disappointed.  So, tour over, next stop Corpus Christi.

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