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Ever feel like every minute is an hour?  That's how I felt on my ride to Corpus Christi...the Texas scenery consisted of dead/alive plantlife, cacti, and road.  Of course, the riveting crazy rancher stories Paul told me made the trip soooo much better, perhaps I will always be afraid of ranchers...thanks Paul now I can be traumatized! 

Ok, so yay, I see water and palm trees and civilization...we are in Corpus!  What better thing to do than explore the city right?  So we went to some bars, got to the last one and I heard a live band, so we get upstairs and realize it's a private party, but no one knows that no one knows us, so we decided this was as good of a time as any to crash.  So RoRo apparently turned 31, and his drunk girlfriend was falling on the floor drunk.  I experienced my first live white jamaican band concert (quite possibly the last)...and then, what we've all been waiting for... the stand-up comedian!  So we park it on the leather sofas next to the stage and he starts.  Well, let's just say he may have had a little too much to drink, he said "mother-fucker" (or add any other morphological ending that you like to the word) approximately 37 times and forgot to say anything funny... but I suppose that in itself is rather humorous.  So after that, and some speeches about RoRo, we decided it was time to say goodbye to the big mexican man of the evening and hit the road. 

Sunday I experienced the Padre Islands.  This was the first beach I was ever at where you could drive on the beach.  I also never saw so much seaweed in my life, they actually have mountains piled with seaweed.  The water was soooo warm, it was heaven.

Unfortunately Paul and I have a long tradition of eating until we are ill, and then eating something even more fattening, especially cake.  So of course, the week was full of pigging out, and laying out, and yes, I got a tan and the stupid freckles that come with it!

Ok, my last night in South Texas was Cinco de Mayo....and I was pretty excited thinking that has to be huge there since the majority of the population is actually mexican - - - - WRONG.  We went downtown and it what more like ghosttown, so we hunted for people, found some, but definitely no crazy celebrating.  Of course, we got free t-shirts and I drank one for my homies (what?).

I actually had a great time, I was sad to leave the 90-some degree weather and one of my best friends.  It was such a nice relaxing vacation and I am so happy that I got to go.  THANKS PAUL!

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Corpus Christi
photo by: spocklogic