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It's funny to remember our first day in Japan. All our japanese friends had told us that it will be really cold in here.. So when we left from Finland, we had our warm big jackets on and we really expected that it would be cold. After getting out from the airport we realized that hey, wait a minute-- this isn't winter! It's like finnish Summer that is just about to turn to Autumn!! We were all pretty tired after all travelling and jetlag-- so when we finally reached the hotel, we were pretty much exhausted. But no-- it wasn't time for bed yet. Our japanese friends took us to Indian restaurant and finally after that we could go to our rooms.. Soft bed (not too warm-- I had to use my sleeping bag), own toilet and shower.. I was happy. But the morning came so fast.

. That morning we travelled to Yuki. There we stayed for one night-- and that night-- OH MY, it was freakin' cold!! Houses are so cold in here-- I'm used to central heating inside, but here they have these oil machines which smell quite bad and which only work for few hours at time. So each night we wake up because it's so cold!! So I'm just happy that they have sauna in Japan!! :)

On our second day we went to public bath. Local people were surprised that we were totally okay with the fact that we had to go there naked.. But after they heard that sauna actually comes from Finland, they understood us. But there was a difference-- we couldn't throw water on rocks! But it was still quite hot. They also had salt- sauna, which wasnät my favorite though-- too different. All those bubble baths, electric bath and cold pools were nice-- but one ”pool” was over all. :) .We went outside and there is was- your own personal hot pool. It was so nice to go there, look the stars and the moon and just relax. Ah- what a perfect place. And hey-- it was quite funny to see that we had atleast one similarity in our cultures.. Only that in Finland almost each house has it's own sauna. :)

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photo by: maka77