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How many times I've mentioned before that I love Zambales to a  fault?  Oh, several times, right?  Well, you will always go back to the one you love no matter how many new 'place' you met along the way (even if those 'places' are prettier than your lover, right?He-he!).  So, here I am - coming back to Zambales and visiting one of Zambales pride: Potipot Island.

Looking for a little distraction from the hectic schedule and stressful office life, I found my way here.  I search for a new place that will somehow makes me at ease.  Found out that my long list of travels in Zambales is not enough to get to know the place.

 I haven't been to Potipot Island and its not as if its an infamous Island.  A simple click of my cursor generated a lots of website and results from Google.  Poor me, I don't really knew Zambales that much huh?

Accompanied by one of my crazy-pretty-little friend Carla and Dhaigo, we took a Victory Liner bus from Cubao to Iba, Zambales (347Php/pax).  Since we knew it would take us more or less seven (7) hours to reach our destination, we chose to travel in the morning.  Expected  to reach Iba, Zambales early afternoon.  Prepared for a long travel, we have our books, pillows, jackets/scarf and foods ready anytime.  Don't misquote me, there are several stop-over for passengers to eat or buy food, take a pee and rest without the feeling of nausea  (for 'byahelo' passengers).

 Our main concern is to keep from spending our cash to some things we can buy in Manila for lesser amount.  There's not as many ATM machines in Iba, Zambales as in Subic Bay or Olongapo City, therefore, cash is necessary. 

There's no direct route from Cubao to Uacon, Candelaria - where the island is located at, so, we took another bus ride from Iba to Candelaria (90Php/pax).  The bus will drop by Uacon, Victory Liner's kind-hearted bus conductor will remind you and give you directions if needed.  As expected, we witness the first ray of sunset in Uacon.  

The island is more or less 10 minutes away from Dawal beach resort, our accommodation.  In fact, roaming around the resort's beach area, I can see the Island and its white sand beach and lots of trees.

 The rental fee for the boat is 400Php and it can accommodate 4-6pax.  You may haggle, like what we did, and paid only 350Php for the whole day.  The entrance varies from your stay.  Day tour will cost you 100Php/pax and 150Php/pax for those who wants to stay overnight.

When going to the island, one must have everything necessary.  And I am not talking about your swimming gears or skimpy swimsuits alone.  You must be ready to spend your whole day to an area where there's no electricity.  You must have an extra batteries for your digital cameras or SLR's; mobile phones, iPod's or portable radios must be fully charge. And cooking materials should either be powered by coal or gasoline.  No water supply.  You can buy your drinking water (mineral water) from Uacon, Candelaria.

 You may either charge it on your accommodation/room bill or you can purchase it from the stores located right next to the main road.  Its walking distance from the shore.  There's 'poso-negro' (water pump) for those who wants to wash and cook raw food.  They can also use the water for taking a bath after a day of swimming.  No store in the Island, food must also be bought from the main land.

The are cottages and open tables for visitors but you may bring your own tent.  Some of the beach goers we happened to me int he island fig their tents right next to the shore but some chose to assemble it at the middle of the camping area surrounded by coconut trees and small trees.

The experience may seem ordinary for some beach bummers who used to frequent beach all over the country and all over the world but its still an awesome trip nevertheless.  I frequent quiet a number of beaches my self but I would say, Potipot will not be famous as Potipot without it's own quality.  Simplicity!

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Potipot Island
photo by: crazychictraveller