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Funnily enough it is out of shear boredom that i stumbled upon my old blog from when i was in QT,for a guy who claims to enjoy writing i do surprisingly little. Re-reading this blog made me realise that i actually miss writing even if noone reads it,most of my writing recently has been random stories made up on the spot to entertain a friend. Most of those will probably never see the light of day as i'd be laughed out of whatever country i'm in for my ridiculous sense of humour and just how randomly my mind seems to work. A good friend of mine once said that he was truely scared to see what happens within my head and the party thats constantly going on in there. That was before he developed an American accent so i was actually listening at this point. And yet no matter where i am i've always been able to express myself and involve people in the insanity even with sufficient language barriers. Lindo loco is how i've been described here in Argentina, an idiot in most english speaking countries although i have to say i prefer the translation of lindo loco,which is nice crazy. I like to think no matter how random or stupid my actions are there always good at heart. My old rugby captain from the boro,said to me the other day that 'we all get old but we don't have to stop being immature.' I like this i say its way more fun to keep being a kid even whilst you grow up and i've met some great examples of people like this whilst i've been travelling. Hopefully i can provide an example of this to people i meet, i know for sure i'd be a rich man if i had a penny for everytime someone said that they wished they'd done what i was doing when they were younger.

Argentina has been a bit of an awakening for me, its the first time i've been somewhere when nobody really speaks any english and my spanish is certainly not up too much. its been a completely new experience for me,not being able to do the simplest things, like answer the phone when noones home for fear the person on the other end will use words i've never heard let alone learnt yet. after being here for 2 months i'd like to think i've learnt alot, i certainly understand a hell of alot more than when i walked off the plane at EZE, but despite knowing the words its still muy difficil to put a sentence together that someone understands. Its frustrating to say the least to have to sit an listen to conversation after conversation and understand what is being said and have opinions, but not have the linguistic ability to actually contribute. The questions i've been asked here were i've had to give one or two word answers were normally i'd have a detailed opinion and thoughts. My time in South Africa is if most interest to people here, as ever they have the opinion that its completely dangerous for a white man and still do this day a huge divsion is present. sure its there but on a personal level i was befriended by every creed and colour maybe because of who i am (see above,insane etc), who knows?

Obviously anyone who reads this may notice a huge gap in between entries and a massive line across the map, that line misses out the journey through NZ and a short cross across the Tasman for a year of fun and games on the Goldie. the true kiwi experience as i was to find out is not to be found on the shores of Aoteroa but on the Gold Coast. thousands of kiwis abandon there fantastic country in the search for greener pastures, well sunnier and sandier anyway. i'm pretty sure i was friends with more kiwis in surfers than i ever was in QT and i  know that it must be about 70percent of the rugby players in Gold Coast Rugby are kiwi. not that i'm complaining kiwis are awesome drinking partners and i honestly can't think of any of my friends who i'd rather have had there at the creation of bacardi flift than my kiwi housemates. Monday afternoon drinking sessions will probably never occur again unfortunately but they were fantastic whilst they lasted,helped to bring Illawong out of the Depression house status it had picked up. Those sessions my have resulted in some ridiculous arguments but they always made me laugh whether it was at Creamcake or seeing my boss at 4am when i'm walking into town to get a Hungry Jacks, both of us extremly intoxicated. My year on the Goldie definitly brought about some changes it made me realise that i can actually stay in one place for more than a few months when the right incentives are there. I may still be chasing my epithany but who knows when that'll arrive or for that matter where. The end of the Alchemist has always intrigued me, the way that the Egyptian speaks of his dream and where the treasure truely is. I do wonder occassionally if that fable has got it right.



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