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Fuck me, 2 weeks without writing anything,thats just goddam lazy really. Struggling to remember what the i did in the past fortnight,it really is hard just trying to remember what i did yesterday and yet snowboarding the other saturday i had a completley random flashback of sitting on my nans floor watching Final Score on Grandstand. I nearly fell over it was that random. Saturdays off season always feel weird, i don't feel like i have anything to do and i seem to not be able to fill the void of rugby. You just can't beat kicking the crap out of someone for 80 minutes and then getting smashed with the boys. As for the random flashback it got me to thinking about the past and just how far i've actually come, although i'm sure some will say that i'm just a lazy bum, i think i've done quite alot from the shitty little teenager i was. now i'm verging in a 21  yr old alcoholic.

After that bit of depressing crap i just spewed out, i have actually had an awesome past 2 weeks in QT, out on the piss with people i haven't been out with for ages or never before. The return of the Sunshine Kid on the piss randomly with me and powers ended in manic times back at bungy with a bottle of gin at 4 in the morning washed down with some sweat OJ and sunshine going to subculture and tardis (he assures me this is a code of some sort,i just think hes special). It was necessary to get as drunk as we did, so that i could put powers yank accent out of my head. Nights out recently seem to have been made for big girls and i mean giant chicks,i've seen at least 3 or 4 girls bigger than me and i have to say they scare me.espec the one who wasn't to happy when i grabbed her arse,i thought she was going to slap neil-good old touching game.

to anyone who reads this crap.i'm still slightly drunk so may not make any sense.will try to write sober and coherently next time.

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