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A mass exodus of QT seems to be happening at the moment as more and more people tell me when their leaving party is. I'd have to be a raving alcoholic to go to every single one of these leaving piss ups,why can't they just all have one big one for those of us poor bastards who work behind a bar and generally don't get fri and sat nights off just to go on the piss,unless rugbys involved. Not really sure why this week has been destined for as the departure days, but with people going home and others moving onto sunny climes it makes you consider your own time in QT. Like how long can i actually keep up going on the piss at 4 in the morning or on my night out were i get so drunk I can't fully function to actually talk to people. Sticking to beer may be the way forward with the night out situation, going back to the beauty that is Flame. Although its pretty bad to see the back of some of the people who have left,it may be a new start in QT. For those that do decide to leave who knows what will happen but its pretty clear that one dude will still be drinking here when hes 80 harrassing young girls back to his trailer. As for me the need to play rugby and get some sun might be the winning factor over the drinking culture.

Beer prizes consist of at least 20% of the furniture in our home,how is it that two girls that prob couldn't lift shit sober are able to haul ass to bring back a sign on what was probably one of my better nights out in QT. Getting to go out with the man on his redhead hunt was amazing, i've never seen more ginger girls so frightened as my mate attacked them for a photo in the hope that he could get with them. Its just priceless seeing the granddad of the flat chasing after chicks purely in the hope that the redheads cuffs match the collar. It truely is a perverse dream that he has but i'm sure any dude will admit that despite the stick that ginger girls get there really are some goddam hot redheads. That night was capped of by the pole dancing back at the flat,unfortunatley it was me doing the dancing whilst the two girls laughed but what the hell, i was drinking Kir Royales with bousenberry and blackcurrant cordial, i they say i'm not sophisticated. I'm a true bartender at heart i can create a drink from anything when pissed, the months spent working on a hostel bar in SA, creating my own shots probably helped in giving me an edge on making riduculus drinks that get you smashed.

The snow seems to have died in QT at the moment in the last week we've had sod all but a bit of rain the other day. This has in turn turned me into a lazy bastard because i can't be bothered hitching up the mountain to baord down on some lovely grass and mud and loads of ice, i'm highly likely to kill myself,and for those that know me they know i've still got a couple of years left on the plan. Despite the lack of snow town is overrun with fucking annoying aussies whinging about the size of spirit measures,'this isn't even a single in oz.' thats nice same for me in England but get over it you whinging gits, don't come to NZ if u don't like, I'm English were goddam serious binge drinkers do u think we like being short changed but i don't hear the poms whinging. I ain't a Kiwi either so no need to give me grief likes my fault for this countrys short falls. You still gotta love this town for shear madness though and all those that have left and will leave will be missed for their own variety of insanity that they brought to the melting pot of QT.


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photo by: genetravelling