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the kiwi nation is absolutley besotted with rugby union,theres an entire channel devoted to rugby(granted it does show league as well),everyone u speak to from kid to grandad will tell u how awesome the AB's are and how hated the Wallabies are. So why when the AB's play South africa in a tri-nations game are there thousands of empty seats, in an already tiny stadium and no atmosphere whatsoever, i'm sure the ref could actually hear me shouting random mindless words of encouragement that most guys who have reffed me get to hear close up. not a sound came from the kiwi fans unless the AB's scored. They played a third string SA side and had to wait to the last ten minutes to start playing and yet the press still proclaims them the greatest. The AB fans surrounding me were probably very freaked out by a pom with a manc accent cheering on the saffers,no wonder the old boy next to me was edging away everytime we got another round. I love NZ but i really don't get how they can host the world cup in 2011 with so many small stadiums espec when thousands of english,irish,welsh and scottish descent making more noise than the kiwis.

drinking upside down probably isn't the greatest idea in the world at any point,although i can vouch for drinking beer straight out of the keg upside down at 10 in the morning to be an excellent idea.the morning after the keg party i as the household-possibly worldwide- numbnut decided it was a good idea to repeat the keg stand,funnily enough only i did it,how rude. the only thing missing from our slice of hollywood styled keg party was the red plastic cups,not sure how the tui ones matched up for the north americans among us. everyone seemed pretty smashed when i decided to empty the house to go to town,i don't get it,why stand in a house full of sausage when theres girls in town,who gives a crap if theres still a bit in the keg,that'll keep us going for a day or so after.remarkably the house wasn't a complete sausage sizzler all night, prob down to 'the jay' asking every female he saw for a week before the party- as if i gave a wrong number to hot irish girl-she thought i actually did it on purpose-how fucked up would i be to do that.i'm sufficient at losing a girl without having to give her a wrong number all she has to do is talk to me. the flat residents at the time,made a splendid show of showing everyone who came what we do,why socialize,when we can sit and play drinking games,we truely are having some issues with gods amber nectar.

since i got to QT a few of the guys have hooked up,slept with however u want to put it,a few different girls. on occassions there has been the 'so what was your name again' in the morning but also there have been repeat sessions and drinks as well. quite unusual for a number of the lads and whenever this has happened more than once- bam,that dude is in a relationship!! somehow between the group we have decided that if u speak to a girl that ur sleeping with more than once then ur in a relationship. it has become quite clear why guys are afraid of commitment or relationships, its because every other bloke who knows him gives him shit constantly even when nothing is actually happening.

changes are happening in QT,the whole make up of friends throughout town,is starting to shift a little, drinking buddies and wing commanders are changing,nights of drunkness are down and randomly done.what is needed is a bungy starting session followed by quads and staying away from winnies. the winnies boycott needs to continue cos its just crap, 57 bars and we go in about 5.the whole drinking ethos needs to adapt and we need more sake and helmet action.

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