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Snowboarding in the dark,how the hell does that work?the rush of adrenanline as u plummet down the mountainside at neck breaking speeds,to pop out of the darkness right up some skiers ass or of the edge of a rock ledge.struggling to keep ur balance to land the all important jump that  noone will actually see but will definetly hear about for a few days after.despite the freezing conditions and the goddam snow machines adding to biting cold on the only exposed flesh around the mouth and nose,u really need a balaclava but not sure how the photo on the ski pass would work.

doing the usual flame bullshit chat,an issue arose about facebook and the negative effects it can have on a budding relationship,not only in QT but i'm sure around the world.2 young,drunk, slightly mentally unstable people,decide that despite all the opportunities for drunken madness actually manage to get together in this town.good on them but what happens when it comes to the facebook relationship status change,does it come in conversation,is it noticed by one or the other and u get the awkward,'why does it still say ur single on facebook?do u not want people to know about me?'then u have the problem of how to explain that despite how much u like that person,u would also someday/maybe get with some of the people on ur friend list who might not take it to well to find out ur in a relationship after u told them that u were a traveller and u didn't want to settle down or have the complexities of a does one little website become such a phenomeom in a short time and then throw up its own set a problems for travellers just searching for that epiphany of what the hell to do with their lives.

'I"m not an alcoholic,i don't go to meetings' this was shared to me by one of the rugby lads,which i think is a fair description on the alcohol situation in QT. the entire town is geared towards alcohol,i don't know of many places in the cities i've lived in where i could finish work at 4 in the morning and still be able to find numerous bars where i could consume copiuos amounts of booze-albeit $8 beers but still possible. but in this small as town its so easy to find urself sitting with all ur flatmates watching movies u've already watched 3 or 4 times since u rented them at 8 in the morning drinking beer after finishing work,having ur staffys and then meeting for my own alcholic situation its slightly worrying that its possible to drink a litre of jim beam in about 45mins between to people and yet my body took and didn't hurl it back up,but this blog can contain the written decision for me to never touch jaeger again.this town may pretty much have been bulit on jaeger,but it does stupid things to me and others that i've seen on jaeger,will have to hit the chartreuese if i really need a kick,but anyone who knows me knows that buca has my heart and has done since the quid a shot in creation in leeds lining up 30 shots between 5 of us just to start the evening.

 off to try and stay away from the bars till at least 11 tonight,maybe a case or two of flame,maybe even a bourbon night will have to see what the rest of the drunks want to do at our own AA meeting,although we know each others names and hometowns,where all still annoymous noone really knows anything about each other apart from maybe 'how many burgers they think u can get from a cow'

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photo by: genetravelling