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Many to mention, that’s going to be your answer when friends will ask you what they can do in Subic.  Friends who love beaches, animals, shopping and art.  This is the venue of all the venues of various vacation activities - name it,they have it.  When they first heared the place, I bet they thought that they can only get to enjoy the scenery and activities by checking the worldwide web.  They might think that’s it too far from Manila and it is expensive.  But it will change once they read this.

You can reach Subic by air though domestic service is limited from Manila to Subic.  You can also arrange a charter service from Manila though you will need a budget to have this luxury.

  Another way is thru ferry.  A ferry service from Manila CCP's terminal is available though it will only reach as far as Orion, Bataan.  A land transfer to Olongapo is advisable.  The most common and advisable is by travelling by land. The Subic-Clark-Tarlac expressway (SCTex) is already available though its not completely finish.

 If your planning to bring you barkada in Subic and stay for several days,you will enjoy the place more if you bring your own car.  This is to avoid expensive taxi fare and to explore the area in your own schedule.  Though transportation is not a problem in Olongapo, you can take a yellow jeepney from Olongapo City to SMBA and take a taxi from there to other  SBMA destination(P450).

Subic Bay is where the Subic Naval Base is located – this is the biggest US Navy facility outside United States.  Lots of shipwrecks of war vessels were sunk during the war.  Different species of fish and sea animals found refuge from this unpopulated and unspoiled shore.  Subic were surrounded by similar fantastic view of Olongapo which still part of Zambales and Morong and Dinalupihan, both in Bataan.

My first visit in Subic, I stayed in Subic International Hotel.  The place is quiet and the atmosphere is very relaxing – and so is the service.  We enjoy the small souvenir store, the Subic café that offers delicious breakfast menu and the staffs were so friendly and accommodating.

The place is located within the heart of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone – so accessible to various tourist spots, several night spots and water sports center.  It’s also walking distance to several restaurants, food chains and both small and large stores.   That saves you the expensive taxi fare and time.  You can walk your way to the City Kart Racing area right in front of Subic Bay Yacht Club.  Along the way are various resto’s, refreshments stores and parks.

One of my friends invited me to go there to watch the dolphin show last year. Yes, my dear friends…that’s one of the main attractions of the place – the Ocean Adventure.

  Here you can take your photo with the dolphins, swim with them and watch them perform.  Every time they show you their amazing stunts, all you can do is say “Oh,wow!”, clap your hand and laugh in awe.  If you’re not fond of still get to enjoy Madison and Brandy’s company by watching their Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show that’s talks about the 3 important R’s - Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. That’s one important thing you will love about the place.  They don’t just show how talented the animals and how trained they are, they also makes us realize how beautiful the world will become if we just take care of it.

Its fun to see the sea lion and their trainers dance together, Madison and Brandy imitating seals in a funny way and showing us how discipline they are by following their trainers cues efficiently. You will also enjoy their so bright and colorful Ocean Discovery Aquarium – where you will see various species of fishes.

  There are fishes you haven’t seen before and fishes we only know we never get to touch because it’s dangerous.

Right next to this dolphin theme park is the Camayan Beach Resort wherein you will enjoy Subic’s rich marine life because they offer various beach activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and kayaking in the mangroves.  They also have beach volleyball, water gladiator; beach Frisbee golf, beach soccer.  The place is very relaxing; it’s where the forest meets the sand and sun. What else could you ask for?

A couple of minutes away are the well-known Zoobic Safari that offers the followingguided tour: Zoobic Park Petting Zoo, Zoobic Serpentanium, Tiger Safari, Tiger Close Encounter and the Savannah.

  Two of my favorites are the Tiger Close Encounter in which tourist were boarded in a secured jeep that took them to the area where fully-grown tigers were running freely.  Some tourist will bring raw chicken to attract the tigers.  One of the tiger even devoured the chicken right in front of me.  Words are not enough to describe it, it’s just sad to note that it’s over without you noticing it. And the savannah experience where in wild animals such as wild boars, guinea fowls and potbelly pigs are roaming around freely. Many wild ostriches even run along our vehicle.

During my last visit, we chose to stay in Subic Park Hotel (047-252-2092) locates along Moonbay Marina.  Along the marina are a long-list of affordable hotels (Legenda Hotel;  Lighthouse Marina ResortBayfront Hotel; etc) that offers superb accommodation and home-sweet-home atmosphere.

  We walk from the hotel premises to the board walk in which by the way is the home of several night sports and water sports venues.  You will find lots of people swimming, some walking their dogs, groups taking pictures by the bay, couple jet skiing, friends building sand castle and some are simple seating on the sand and watching the ocean.  I also heard that they do parasailing in this area though I haven’t seen anyone doing it. Locals said its famous in Grande island – which also offer scuba diving, banana boat ride, kayak, snorkeling, lake fishing and fishing reel.  Along waterfront road, you will notice the Hellship Memorial Monument that honors thousands of World WarII prisoners of war that were brought here by their Japanese captors.  Historians will love the stories behind this place and will have so much fun uncovering it.

Now if your a shopaholic, you will enjoy a number of small and large store that offer varities of imported stuff.

There are a lot of stores available in SBMA that provided everything that you need, just follow this link.

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