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To was going to be a long one. Using my portable alarm clock for the first time, I was up before dawn and showered. As dawn rose, I broke camp and walked the kilometer to the road, where I met up with the cabbie who came to drive me back to Caen. It was a quick drive and relatively traffic free due to the early hour.

I boarded the train and was soon bound for... Paris. What could I do, it's the nearest hub city. I arrived there at one train station and the schlepped over to one of the other 196 stations in the city. I decided to rent a locker, as I had several hours to kill, and proceeded to spend 15 minutes in line for security to get into the locker area. Full on metal detector and x-ray machines. Makes the US's post-911 security requirements look a little pale by comparison.

Several hours later, after being approached by at least 100 beggars, my train finally left and I was bound for the Netherlands by way of Belgium.

The ride itself was quite uneventful and I slept through most of it.

I arrived in Amsterdam at around 6PM, and immediately hoped on a commuter train that would take me about 12 Km from the city. I was to be staying at the Lucky Lake Hostel in a recreational park called Vinkeveense Plassen. I cannot speak too highly of this place. The owners are a pair of hostelers themselves who go out of their way to make the experience of people staying at their place pleasant. To begin with, when they found out I was traveling alone, they immediately began to offer me different less expensive solo-traveler options.

Truth be old though, the price they were charging me to begin with was a great deal for any kind of  room. And having just spend 4 nights sleeping on the round, I wanted something with cushions to lie on.

This location was a trailer park, but a really nice one. The trailers were neatly parked in rows, each with a flower boxes overflowing even though it was just May. In the center was a communal tent, where people could just go to hang out. It even had an hour bar hosting a multitude of healthy snacks and a couple of choices for the hard-core junk food lovers.

The day had taken a lot out of me, and it was closing on 7:30PM. There was really no time to get back into Amsterdam, so I decided to just find something local. Following the direction of the hostel owners, I finally reached a little bistro at Paviljoen Eiland Een, but I am not sure if it is still there.. the resto is called 'Lust!', and that wasn't what it was called when I was there. Regardless of what it is called now, I had the most delicious club sandwich in the history of the world. I think the sliced cucumbers, watercress and the so-fresh-it-oinked bacon were the clinchers.

By that time it was getting dark, so I trundled back to my caravan trailer and snuggled off to sleep.

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