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WE dropped of the rental car in northern Nicaragua after our night of tailgating.  As i suspected, the car rental place tried to screw us and say that we damaged the car.  After we finally got ahold of some mechanic by phone in suan juan del sur, he let the rental people know that we were not resonsible for the scratches. 

WE were soon on a small bus heading for the Honduran border.  THis was a tough ride to get through. It must have been 120 degrees in the podunk van which was packed to capacity.  Sitting in front of me there was a guy holding onto a chicken.  he had a firm hold around the roosters neck and with the chicken firmly chocked, it remained pretty calm for the trip.  after the painful two hour ride, we arrive at the border where we were greeted by hoards of bike-taxi drivers.  They must have smelt gringo swet cuz they ran at the van as soon as they saw it.  I picked the most trusting looking guy and he peddled us to the immigrations office.  THe border crossing was easy and we were back on the road (in a nicer bus this time) in no time. 

after a siesta-like 5 hour bus ride, we pulled into a rough part of the Hondureño capital at night.  like some horror movie buffs, i often find myself thinking about what i would do if zombies were to attack.  For instance, i always know how i would get out of a bus quick enough or how i would evacuate a hotel room in the case of a zombie attack.  these mental exercises finally paid off in Tegucipalpa.  as we walked into the street to look for a cab to get away from the rough part of town, i swear a group of zombie-like bums started coming our way.  They had the zombie swagger and groaned like the undead when they made efforts to communicate.  i immediatly ran to a cab and jumped in the passenger seat without saying anything to the cab driver.  we survived the encounter.

we only stayed a night in Tegucigalpa at a pretty cool hostel.  THe place was alright, but the most peculiar feature was the owner-- a 25 year old honduran girl with a gringo son.  WE ended up hanging out with her and the other worker for a long time so we learned the story behind the blonde hair, blue-eyed hondurño child.  the owner had married an american some 9 yrs before, but the american had recently passed away.  the interresting part was that the owner was 68 when he passed away.  After thinking about it the next day in the bus i realized that she married a 59 year old gringo when she was just 16!!!!  i have to say that the old man did alright for himself.

the staff was really cool so we just stuck around the hostel the entire night and hung out and danced to some bob marley tunes in the empty café.   iun the morning, we caught the bus to head up to Copán to check our some Mayan ruins. 

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photo by: Biedjee