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The bus ride up to Copan was pretty smooth.. a bit too smooth in fact.  Trey and I slept through our stop and had to get off at the next town and take a $25 taxi to where we were suppose to get off.  Then we started looking for a shuttle to take us to Copan-- this took longer than expected.  All of a sudden, the temperature dropped about 20 degrees and i noticed some black clouds in the distance.  The clouds rolled in fast and before we knew it, we were in the middle of a tropical storm.  people were running for cover from the torrential rains.  we found a spot under a wooden hut near the bus stop.  as the rain increased in strength, we realized that the structure would not hold and the wooden planks keeping the thing together began to snap.

  we were completely soaked and miserable, but at one point i looked over at trey and made the point that the bus ride in bolivia was worse and he agreed.  after that hell ride, i feel like i can stomach almost anything.

a bus finally pulled up and we jumped on.  i dont know why, but the air conditioning on the bus was at full blast which made being soaked head to toe pretty unbearable.  in about an hour, we would arrive to the small town of Copan, which is loacted a short walk from the Mayan ruins.  that night we just crashed because it had been a long day of third world traveling. 

the next morning, we woke up and made our way to the ruins and after a quick 15-min walk, we were there.  The Copan ruins are pretty damn cool i must say.

  There are maybe a dozen small pyramids and a few very large ones in this ancient mayan urban center.  the site is also filled with ball courts where they used to play some crazy game where the loser (and winners) were ofen killed at halftime.  we bummed around the site for a couple hours and then did a nature walk, which i kind of regret because i was bit by a bunch of ants. 

the rest of our time in Copan was pretty uneventful, except for the morning of our last day when i met a local girl who i considered giving a green  card.  in the end, trey talked me out of it.  a shuttle picked us up that afternoon that would take us to Antigua. 

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photo by: Cho