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I left Cali a little bit disappointed with the city, but was optimistic about our next destination-- Medellín.  Medellìn was once the center of the world cocain industries in the days of the giant drug cartels.  The Medellín Cartel was led by one of the most important figures in S. America in the 20th century-- Pablo Escobar.  Oddly enough, a city that was once one of the most dangerous in the world, have become one of the best places to visit in Colombia.  Medellín is a thriving city with an incredible city center and some of the most amiable people that I have met in my tavels. 

Trey and I arrived in the night time and checked into the Palm Tree Hostel (which is a fantastic place to stay if you are visiting Medellín).  The staff is extremely helpful, and there is a nice kitchen that guests are aloud to use for cooking meals and storing food.

  We spent the daylight hours in the city center which was a short metro ride away.  I felt completely safe walking around the city during the day which has plenty of plazas and markets to explore.  It was really funny whenever we sat down and drank mate in the plaza because everyone who walked by would look at us strangely, probably thinking that mate is some strange drug..  I dont think argentines get up to Colombia so much. 

Trey and I also explored the nightlife a little bit, usually joined by an italian guy staying in our hostel.  i must say that what people told me about colombian girls is true.. there are among the most beautiful in the world!!  We went to a salsa club our second night and i felt like i was surrounded by all supermodels.

. ive never seen anything like it.  i really wish i could dance salsa... my gringo feet our too clumsy the keep up with the colombianas.  However, when the occasional cumbia song is played, i feel like i can hold my own.

Though Medellin is a great city, i think i had the most fun in the hostel because the atmosphere was a lot of fun.  We went out with all the people in the hostel a couple nights who are pretty much all europeans and isrealis).  a german woman that was 70 years old when out dancing with us even.. she was nuts! we met a gorup of dutch friends and a german who were all heading to Cartagena, so we all decided one night to travel together.  they know of a good place to stay in Cartagena so we are gonna tag along with them as well once we get to Cartagena. 

next stop... the Caribbean and Cartagena!!!!

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