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We arrived to Antigua Guatamala in the evening and checked into a nice hostel, which i never ended up even sleeping in.  As soon as we got there, people were getting ready to go out and hit up the antigua nightlife.  trey and i hung out with one of the girls that worked in the hostel and she invited us to some local girlĀ“s birthday party and we agreed to go.  Though we didnt know anyone at the party, we had a pretty good time.  i was glad that trey and i were the only gringos there.  after eating all of the chips and salsa and drinking their beer, we left the party and headed to some place with a live rock band.  music was good, but we soon found ourselves back on the street looking for a new place.  next stop was an irish pub where we met.. you guessed it.. irish people. 

later in the night, we decided wed try out the salsa club in the center of town.  the place was alright and we met some cool locals.  at about 5 AM, i got it in my head that it was time to leave guatamala already.  The next thing i remember was being on a bus to Guatamala City, where i found another bus heading to Mexico.  i spent a total of 16 hours in Guatamala.  Trey decided to stay a couple more days in Antigua, so now im on my own, headed to some mexican coastal town called Puerto Escondido. 

sarahkoca says:
Tris- Check your email Grandma sent you the contact info for Brenda's family in Mexico. -Sarah
Posted on: Aug 19, 2007
yogasensation says:
Suarez...when is your flight home? Jenni
Posted on: Aug 19, 2007
sarahkoca says:
Tris- Grandma and I want to know why you and Trey split up? Are you meeting up again, or are you on your own until you get home? Oh yeah, Grandma says stay away from the hurricane! Love Sarah (& Grandma)
Posted on: Aug 19, 2007
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