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We arrived to Trujillo at about 11 PM after another hellish bus ride.  We went right to our hostel, this place called hostel americano, because we were sketched out by the fact that there was not a soul in the streets.  Trujillo is Northern Peru´s biggest city, but on a sunday night it looks like a ghost town.  The hotel we stayed in was a dusty old run-down mansion with over 106 different rooms, all of which spooky as hell.  We couldnt complain tho because our room had a balcony overlooking the street and a private bathroom for only $4 USD per night! 

THe next day we headed to the vishing village of Huanchaco to lay out on the beach for a little bit.  Though the water was far too cold to take a dip, it was nice to kick off my smelly tenis shoes and walk around int he sand for a bit. We spent the entire day hanging around the little village and tried some ceviche b4 we headed back to Trujillo.  That night we stayed in and relaxed in our haunted hotel. 

Our last day in Trujillo my friends and I spent  the majority of the time in the towns central plaza because we had checked out of our hotel.  Just as we sat down an started drinking some mate in the center of the plaza, hundreds of people marched into the plaza for a protest.  A local explained to me that the teachers were protesting for increased salaries.  Since me and my friends have been in Latin America for a lot of time, we are very used to protest.. so we just sat there and drank our mate  without taking too much notice.   After the mate  was finished, we stuck around to try to flirt with local girls for a good few hours before we made out way to the bus station. 

After two days it was time to begin another long bus trup towards Quito, Ecuador. 

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photo by: Paulovic