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We arrived to Cuzco on one of the last buses that ran before the start of the transportation strike.  WE quickly found a taxi and then made our way to the hostel that i had randomly picked.  The taxi dropped us off about 100 meters from our hostel because the hill leading up to the place was too steep for cars to drive up.  Although the uphill climb proved to be a major pain over our next few days in Cuzco, the view it had of the city was well worth the hike.  Our first night we met a cool group of chilean guys that were staying in our same hostel and ended up hitting the down with them even tho trey and i hadnt slept for about 48 hours! 

As we soon realized, Cuzco is one of the most touristy places in Latin America.  Though it is an amazing looking city, i had very mixed feelings about it because of the amount of tourism.  Even tho we only spoke in Spanish around town, everyone still tried to sell us stuff constantly.  In the central plaza you can not walk more than 5 meters without having someone offer you a post card, a massage, or a trip to machu pichu.  One day we went to the plaza with the chileans and tried to sell massages to everyone like the locals were doing to us.. it made for a pretty hysterical scene. 

As for Machu Pichu.. we decided not to go, mostly because of how touristy and expensive it is.  I know its about to be voted as one of the 7 wonders of the modern world, but i had had enough with feeling like a tourist already.  There are some Incan ruins in and around Cuzco, so we found a guy with some horses and then road around visiting a bunch of places for a few hours.  IN the end, the horseback tour was only about $7 USD so we couldnt complain. 

After four days of hanging with tourists and being made fun of for my argentine accent, we decided we were ready to move on.  My friend Stash from GWU met up with us here and will join us all the to Colombia. 

Next stop... Trujillo, Peru via Lima. 

yogasensation says:
Hi Tristan,
sounds like you are having a great are taking some photos, eh? so we can share what you are talking about!
Posted on: Jul 15, 2007
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