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Driving in Nicaragua was easy... but then we arrived to Leon and everything changed.  It was night time when we pulled into Leon and the streets we flooded with people, cars, bikes, kids playing, etc. The fact that i was driving a giant truck didnt help matters.  I sweated bullets as i tried to navigated through narrow streets packed with people.  Somehow, i managed not to crash the truck into anything or anyone.  We found the hostel, a place called Bog Foot, and i pulled up right in front of the entrance. 

While shooting some pool in the hostel an hour later, we heard people talk about a trivia night at the hostel across the street.  A group of Austranian girls asked us to be on there team and we headed over and grabbed a table.  The trivia game was a lot of fun, but teams we competetive.  One person got caught cheating using their cell phone.  They asked the questions in spanish and then some other guy translated them to english, but at times the translation was wrong so i would shout out and correct him.  our team did alright and we took 4th place out of about 12 teams.  The bar started to close after the game ended so we headed back to the Big Foot.  Unfortunatly, they were shutting down the lights in the common room area so we found ourselves with no where to go.  THen it hit me,  and I told the people were with to head outside to our truck.  I rolled down the windows, slid in a reggaeton cd, and put the tailgate down of the truck.  and there we were, teaching nicaraguans and backpackers about the fine art of tailgating.  As i expected, others soon arrived and joined the ranks.  if someone were to have told me 2 years ago that i would be explaining to nicarguans what the word tailgating means, i would have called them crazy.  it was a great night.. one that trey and i wont forget any time soon. 

i woke up to Trey in a crazed state.  he said that he couldnt find his passport anywhere.  he teared apart the entire room and then ran to look in the places we had been the night before.  After about 45 min of looking, we looked up the US embassy adress and Managua and decided to drive there.  As trey picked up his backpack to head out the door, we saw his passport there, sitting under his packpack.  close call

we said bye to the ausie girls, jumped in the truck and headed for the Honduran border.  for anyone reading this blog.. go to Nicaragua!!!    u wont regret it.  

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photo by: Chokk