Costa Rica: high prices in gringolandia

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We knew it coming in... Costa Rica is the most expensive country in central america.  it is also the most visited country by US tourists.  Know all this, naturally we decided to try to skip the country completely.  i dont mean to bash Costa RIca-- its just not the place to go if u are a budget traveler. Due to the nature of Central American bus schedules, we were forced to stay a night in San Jose, the ugly Costa RIcan capital city.  After cabbing into town, we found out that our hostel had been closed down by the police and that every other budget place was full.  we soon found a hotel, but it was not cheap.. $50 a night for a double.  i know this doesnt sound like a lot, but when you consider that we usually only pay $5 a night, its expensive. 

We remained positive because we knew it was friday night, so there would be people going out.  After grabbing the cheapest meal we could find ($16 USD), we headed to a place called Castro Bar for the evening.  downstairs the place had a salsa club and then upstairs there was a Karaoke bar.  Trey and I found a spot at the bar upstairs and spend most of the night throwing back imperales and laughing at the horrible singers.  Later, we headed downstairs and i tried out some of my best pickup lines.  At one point, i realized that one of the girls i was talking to had a boy friend, who was probably the only tall Costa Rican.  Fearing for my safetly, i decided to call it a night.  Trey and I made our way back to the hotel after that.  Since the streets are dangerous at night, i decided to stick an empty beer bottle in my back pocket for protection.  A block from our hotel, a sketchy guy started climbing out of his car.. without thinking, i started reaching for the bottle.  As i got closer, i realized that the guy was about 60 yrs old amd Trey cracked up because he saw me make the grab for the bottle.  poor guy woundnt even have seen it coming. 

we woke up and walked to the bus station.  To our dismay, we missed the last bus.  A taxi driver said he would take us to the next stop, but that it would cost us $30.  I spent that much my entire time in Bolivia.  We got to the bus in time, but there were no seats.  Trey and I would have to stand for the 5 hour ride to the Nicaraguan border.  I was glad when i left the country where i spent $100 in one day. 

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photo by: Isoinspira