August 11 was the best day of my life.

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WE crossed the Nicaraguan border with no problems.  I have to admit that i was relieved to be out of Costa Rica.  In the shaddy Nicaraguan border, we barted with a few taxi drivers until we found one to take us to San Juan del Sur-- a beach town and famous surfer destination on the Pacific right near the Costa Rican border.  The roads getting to San Juan were about the worst i had ever seen, but it was all worth it.  San Juan del Sur is beautiful!! The town its self is pretty small, but pleasant and the cove is a giant horseshoe filled with sail and fishing boats.  Our hostel was one of my favorites so far.. a place called Casa Oro.  It has nice dorm rooms and a cool common area filled with tables and hammocks. 

As soon as i dropped my bag off at the hostel, i went to search for an ATM.  After a bit of seaching, i found one in a small building near the beach.  When i walked in i looked to the ground and saw a pile of bills!! I took a look around me and saw no one.  I picked up the bills and counted them... there was $500 in total!!! my hands were shaking as i stuck the money in my pocket.  i walked quicky back to the hostel and explained to trey what had just happened.  He said, ''hey dude, its karma''  I accepted his explaination and just like that the best day of my life started.  It came at the perfect time as well because Costa Rica had killed my finances. 

We hadnt eaten for about 24 hours so we headed to a nice place on the beach to grab some food.  Needless to say, we treated ourself to a giant sea food feast with our newly found money.  We ate crab, lobster, prawn, clams and sipped back on a couple of local premium beers as the sun began to set.  Once we couldnt eat anymore, i headed back to the hostel after making a quick call home to uncle bob and aunt liz.  The hostel had a great vibe to it.  WE hung out with the other travelers for a bit and told stories from the road.  It was cool to share some of the crazier stories from our trip and hear others from our new friends.  Once our gourp began to grow in numbers, the hotel owner kicked us out because we were making a lot of noise.  We headed to a bar on the beach near the place we are.  There, we continued with the story telling and listened to the travel advice of those who had been to the counties were would soon visit.  all of a sudden, in walked two nicaraguan girls.  i looked over at trey and realized quickly that he had noticed them as well judging by his facial expression.  to use the word beautiful would not give them justice.  I remember thinking that we had zero chance, so we didnt even dare to talk to them.  a few minutes later they disappeared. 

after we got bored with the bar, we decided to hit up a salsa club with some of the people from our hostel.  the club was fun, but im not much of a salsa guy so i stood on the sidelines with Trey and watched the others dance.  Then i saw them.. the same two nicaraguan girls from the bar.  i decided i had to do something, especially considering how great the day was going.  i bummed a smoke from Trey (i dont even smoke by the way) and appoached one of them to ask them for a light.  After introductions, we were all dancing.. i did my best version of salsa dacing (whice is pretty bad) but it didnt bother my dance partner.  we danced the rest of the night together.  i kept telling myself that i have to come back to Nicaragua someday soon because my first day was awesome.

In the morning, Trey and I went with the nicaraguan girls to the beach, where were spent the entire day swimming and taking pictures.  once the sun began to set, the girls said goodbye and headed to Managua because they had to work the next day.  it was tough saying bye, but they said they will be in the US in november and that they will come up DC to visit.  i hope they can make it up.

that night, we more or less take it easy.  the only strange thing that happened was that while we were sitting at the same bar from the night before, a girl came up to use to drag us over to a table full of girls claiming to be bikini models.  they were cool girls, but i wanted to take it easy that night and they were downing bottles of rum and getting sloppy.  we left early to get some sleep.  The next morning trey showed me the peace of paper that one of the girls gave him with her number... it had a phone number and the word ''models''  we laughed about it for a good while. 

since i found all that money, we decided itd be fun to rent a car to drive up to Leon, Nicaragua and then to the border.  all they had was a giant pickup truck, but we took it anyways.  the roads are so bad in nicaragua that we thought it was a good idea to go in a truck.  unfortunatly, the truck was stick and i havnt driven stick since i was 16, so Trey decided to drive.  however, he had little luck at the start.  We stalled out about 5 times in the parking lot and everone stared and laughed.  I thought they would take the car away thinking wed ruin the clutch.  FInally we got on the road.  Trey stayed at the wheel for about an hour and a half, but after having some more troubles, i decided to give it a shot.  amazingly, driving stick wasnt as hard as i remembered it to be from when i first started driving (as my family surely remembers) I had zero problems driving stick so we got back on the road.  i cant express how nice it was to drive again.. its been almost 2 years since i was last behind the wheel. 

We made our way north through Nicaraguan valleys and sugar plantations, blasting the stereo at full volume all the way to Leon, our next and final stop in Nicaragua. 

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