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lake Titikaka

I don't feel good this morning. My head hurts, I feel pressure in my nose, and, though I enjoyed my breakfast, my stomach turns. At the reception I meet a lady, another guest, who shows me her latest purchase: a bottle of oxygen, bought for 50 Sols, and small enough to fit in a small backpack. Sounds like a good idea, but we are already back on the road. I decide to sleep and hope not to feel the nausea that way. It works not so well, but nevertheless I miss the sights along lake Titikaka. 

We arrive at a peninsula in lake Titikaka where the Peruvian-Bolivian border is. First we go use the lavatories, that have no running water but big barrels filled with water outside. I don't mind, I feel too sick ... and trow up my breakfast. Now that should've made me feel better, but it doesn't. It's the high altitude sickness that has gripped me tight and won't let go. Still, I have to make it across the border. We had to leave the bus, just to get into another one in Bolivia. The border control is located in a little village by the road. First we enter a shabby little office where we get our passports stamped. Then we stand in another line for another office where we get another stamp. Now we can legally leave Peru. We walk about 50 m to the Bolivian side. A small metal plate in the ground marks the border. In Bolivia we stand in line for another office where we get our passports stamped. Now we are legally in Bolivia. We get into our bus and head for Copacabana.

Yes, you read right, there's a little town in Bolivia called Copacabana. It's a shrine actually, a pilgrimage place famous for a Madonna, I think. The famous beach in Rio de Janeiro was named after it. The bus leaves us in Copacabana and continues to the other bank of the lake. We will be travelling by boat. Meanwhile, I feel so sick that I trow up into some bushes along the street on our way to the harbour. It's funny, I feel no pain and no cramps, just sick. 

On the boat lunch is organized for us, but I can't eat. I just loll into the sofa-like chairs and close my eyes. Apparently, the whole group has problems. Luckily, we have three doctors in our group, and their advice is to hold it out. More luckily, the boat has cabins and we may use them. I stumble downstairs and get into the first one. The beds got fresh linens and there's a clean bathroom with a lot of toilet paper. While my group goes sightseeing at a couple of places at the lake, I spend the day dozing, feeling sick and drinking tea. I'm not alone, Meri joins me quickly, she feels just as bad. And another fellow tourist is holding it out in the nextdoor cabin.

We arrive at the other bank in the late afternoon. Our bus awaits us and we set off to La Paz. I just hope this 3-hour-drive will pass with no inconvenient occurrences.

It does, and we arrive at our hotel in the evening. While the rest of the group goes for dinner, I go to bed. It's a nice hotel with floor heating :) I order some tea, and they bring it into my room. When I want to pay for it upon leaving, the hotel doesn't charge it, how nice is that?

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lake Titikaka
lake Titikaka
Lake Titicaca
photo by: NazfromOz