Second Day-Diving in the ocean

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Transfer bus from pier to the boat@Chalong bay

I got myself ready for the pickup in the early morning. The driver came up half an hour later than the appointed time, and I got to know I was last to pickup for that van. The diving centre is only about 5min walk from my hotel. I could slept half an hour more and walked to their door rather than getting up early for the pickup. But I probably couldn't sleep well for the next day diving anyway. The driver took us to the Chalong Pier, then we were hopping on the pink bus and got transported from the pier to the boat.

I was asked if I would get sea sick, which I really didn't know. I had a speedboat cruise quite a few months ago. The whole trip was really in a short time, I didn't recall I felt very sick. But I'd better take one pill, so that it wouldn't ruin my diving.

Ready to go
As we sailed, I felt a bit drowsy, didn't know whether it resulted from the pill or lack of sleep last night. There're some watermelon and pineapple slices, bread, cereals and drinks on the boat, but I didn't feel like to eat before diving. We were closing our eyes until we're called to get ready for diving. I was quite nervous when I put my mask on, yesterday's disaster kept replaying on my head. The sea water was quite salty but much warmer compared to the pool water. Maybe because of the pill, I felt less panic underneath than the day before. I was doing alright, didn't drink much sea water as I imagined. We did same exercises as we did in the pool, and then just exploring around underneath. At least I can breath correctly this time. I was too busy to follow my instructor closely, didn't pay much attention to the beautiful creatures under the sea.
Have a rest on the boat before next dive
Those two guys I was diving with were brilliant, they knew I was pretty bad and kept having issues previous day, so they took care of me very well and kept checking me to see if I was ok. I felt my instructor was a much better diving partner than a teacher. After 40mins, we went up to the surface and back to the boat to have a rest, then I felt I can eat some fruit pieces. We had buffet lunch on the boat. To say it's a buffet, it really was just a few simple Thai dishes. I didn't felt like to eat much for the later diving. We had 3 dives on this day at different bays in Racha Yai. I felt my breathing was ok, but a bit hard to control my buoyancy. I was either floating up or sinking down to the bottom. My Oxygen tank was knocking the rocks at the bottom once.
Pack up to go home
Lucky it's solid enough not to explode. My instructor had to come to adjust my weight belt and my BCD from time to time, so that I can have neutral buoyancy. He was marking around with the little fishes, they were scared and swam away. I was laughing which loosen my mask, so I had a bit water in. Lucky I can manage to clear the mask by then, so that I didn't have to signal up to the surface like yesterday. I knew I still got lots of issues, but it's a big progress for me comparing to the previous day.

We finished not too late today and would be diving near Phi Phi island tomorrow 18m down under. Later that night, I met with a travbuddy from the states. We had coffee and cake together at Jungceylon and shared our diving experience.


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Transfer bus from pier to the boat…
Transfer bus from pier to the boa…
Ready to go
Ready to go
Have a rest on the boat before nex…
Have a rest on the boat before ne…
Pack up to go home
Pack up to go home
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