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Today I woke up early felt incredible itch on my back. I took my clothes off, saw heaps of bumpy rashes. I thought it was mozzie bite at first, I applied some cream, but it soon spread out very quickly. It really freaks me out. I took a shower and put more creams on. I didn't know it's bed bug or food poisoning. I was ok the first 7 night staying in the dorm, where I kept hearing some of my roommates reporting about the bed bugs or mosquitos. I stayed in a private room for the last night, thought about I can do the shopping late and pack my stuff easily with the light on, so that I don't have to worry disturbing my roommates. But I got all these irritate rashes here. I looked at the sheet, couldn't find any obvious bug. It kept getting worse. So I thought maybe I should jump in the sea, hopefully the seasalt will help. I looked at outside it was raining. I hesitated for a while, still decided to go. So I must be the weirdest person on that morning, put my raincoat on and stepping in the sea water. It was a quiet morning, only a couple of boat with workers in the sea to collect the rubbish. Later I just jumped in the sea with my swimwear. All these days, I've never swum here. So I was the only one in the sea, later a russian lady joined me. I had bathed in the sea for about an hour and got back for the checkout. I showed my rashes to the hotel staff, it multiplied faster than I thought. My arms got all swollen, and the rashes kept spread out my whole body from my shoulder to my toe. They gave me some cream to put on, and told me to go to the pharmacy to see what they say. The pharmacy guy just told me to take some tablets for the allergy and asked me to apply the cream. He didn't think it's a serious disease or anything. I didn't get any fever or stomache. This damn rash ruined my whole day, I didn't have mood to do my last shopping, I just wanted to go back ASAP. I wasn't sure if I could make it during the long flight and I didn't want to scare people around me, so I put long sleeves on in such a hot day.

It's such a bad luck that if without the rashes on the last day, this holiday would be perfect. But I was lucky enough didn't get this on my first day, otherwise my whole holiday was ruined. Airasia had rescheduled the flights back to Melbourne, only gave us 15min connecting time in KL which was definitely not enough. Lucky lots of people were on the same boat, so we boarded our next flight without any drama. Although a security guard kept asking me quite a few suspicious questions before letting me go. I don't know what's his point.



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