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I woke up the next morning and things were already looking brighter in more ways than one. For the first time since my arrival, the skies were crystal clear and the temperature was livable. I'd get to see some outdoors stuff. yay!

Taking a queue from my time in London, I opted to try out the NewEurope (free) tour of Berlin, as I had enjoyed the one in London a fair bit.

The tour group was meeting at the (Insert American Coffee chain here) in front of the Brandenberg Gate. The tour was good, stopping at several of the major sites like the Memorial to the Murdered Jew of Europe, the location of HItler's Bunker, Checkpoint Charlie and the Neue Wache.  The pace was good and a lot of ground was covered.

As is to be expected, there was no stopping in anywhere, just brief pauses to discuss the history or significance of a location and then moving on. Gave me a few places to stop back at more leisure the next day.

I managed to embarass the living heck out of myself on the tour, by reading a map while trying to keep up with the group. Walked myself right into a waist high cement piller, at a brisk pace, directly into the man parts. Unfortunately, no one was filming, as I greatly enjoying watching people hurting themselves while doing stupid things on the Youtubes. Myself included. The tour left us off at the Am Lustgarden, which was much nice in the bright sunshine, but even more full of panhandlers targeting tourists. I crossed the river and came upon the DDR museum.

This museum focused on the life of East Germans under Soviet rule.

It covered ever aspect of life, from food to clothes, toys and school books, movies, music, television, vacationing and included recreations of a model dwelling for a family of 4. It was quite interestring, but uncomfortably tight. Everything was very close together and crowded. (That being said, the museum has apparently doubled in size since I visited, which should clear up that unpleasentness.) It was quite interesting.

That evening I was finally able to get out and take a look at the Festival of Lights. This annual festival in Berlin has assorted lasers and  multicoloured spotlines shining from or onto some of the major buildings in town. I stopped for a while at the Brandeberg Gate to try to get some shots of it but there was too much foot traffic for the long exposures I wanted. I decided to walk further along the road away from the crowds, when I happened upon a Socviet Memorial to the Battle of Berlin. I turned around at that point and started walking back towards the hotel, which was about 3 miles away at this point. Part of that length stretched along the Unter den Linden ('Under the linden tree') which is a long tree lined pedestrian walkway. They had spotlight for every tree with a random selection of different coloured lights. It had a very surreal feel to it.

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photo by: CFD