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The morning came, and as sleepy fuzziness gave way to bright conciousness, I cringed mildly in fear, waiting for the pain to beginning. It was there... a spark of a headache, a tightness in the belly. I waited it out. 5 minutes... 10.... About 20 minutes after waking up, I went to the washroom, still expecting a wild hangover to leap out at me from any angle.

It never came. I had a careful breakfast and then headed out to Marienplatz again. Today I was going tpo take the New Europe free tour. It started minutes after the glockenspiel show, which I once again managed to outwit, by not facing it.  I did manage to catch a picture of it's unwitting victims. Alas, I wish there was more I could have done for them. They will be missed.

The tour was good.

The guide was energetic and persaonable and kept the crowd laughing and socializing, calling for volunteers to play various roles in historical presentations she was giving. We stopped at the Frauenkirche where we saw the footprint of the Devil, saw another church rebuilt after WWII in such fine detail that a cannon ball wedged in the wall from a previous war was lovely restored in place. We ambled through an open air market, and then went by the Hoffbrauhaus (still full), all along the way being given historical insight into what we were seeing. We went by the New Synagogue and the Residenz and finally ended the tour at the Odeonplatz.

A number of us went to a small restaurant and had some soup and a few beers, and decided that we would all go out on the Beer Challenge that evening. We split up to go to our repective hotels to get ready.

The night was much the same as the previous, with the exception that we were some many people that we were only able to get into three different beer halls. It was a fun bunch though, and we all enjoyed the beer flavour.

Another night into the wee hours, this time I skipped the meal and headed straight to bed.

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photo by: AleksandraEa