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Those of you that have been following this blog from the beginning (Hi Mom!) may recall that I failed to pay tribute the the travel for making the line at customs short. Today was the day they would make me pay for my folly.

I was going on yet another NewEurope tour, this one focuing on the hisotory if Hitler's Third Reich in Munich (this is where the movemnt that went on to become the Nazi party began.) Before we got started on the tour, the guide directed us to some stairs to sit on while she relayed some background history. I took off my back pack and swung around to sit down, the same way I muct have done on a dozen or more simillar stairways in the last few weeks. This time was diffrent.

A seering pain arched across my lower back and set in with a steady throbbing. I grumbled to myself about my poor general upkeep and got up to follow the group through the tour.

I had trouble enjoying the tour. The guide tried hard enough, but was a replacement for the regular guide, who was sick. This guide tried, but at times I knew more about the place we were than she did (although I didn't know how to get to them.) It was interesting to find out that the building where the National Socialist Party headquarters was is now a shop that sells Apple Computers, or to see where the swazticas on the ceiling of the Hoffbrauhaus were painted over. My back and griowning pain certainly didn't help me enjoy the tour either. I felt sorry for the guide, because it's a really tocuhy subject and people are pretty picky about accuracy.

The tour finally ended, and I headed back to the hotel slowly. I had some over the counter pain killers, and I took them at the hotel and then lay down to try ot get some rest, not because I wanted it, but because sitting or standing hurt. I dozed off few a hours.

I woke at around 7:00PM and got to packing. It was a serious chore, because I could no longer bend over and there was nothing tall enough for me to put my bag on to comfortably reach. What should have paken my 10 minutes took close to thirty. WIth that as a warning of things to come, I decided to make my way downstairs immediately instead of waiting, I took the elevator, which jolted once or twice and made my eyes cross. I checked out and slowly shuffled over to trhe train station. What had taken me only 5 minutes to travel for the past few days took almost 20.

I settled in at a restaurant in the station and had a final meal and beer in Munich. I trundled over to a news stand and bought a couple of bottles of water and then started heading to the boarding area.

I was about halfway across the platform when my entire back seized up. It wasn't the muscle which I'd pulled which was acting up. I'd been over using the rest of my back muscles in an effort to not use the hurt one, and they all decided to cramp at once. This in turn pulled on the torn muslce in 47 different directions. I was paralyzed for what seemed like minutes but was probably only a second or two. Everything went white and then dark, and I started panting. I was terrafied for a minute that I wouldn't be able to make the train.

It was a silly fear though, as the cramps faded quickly and I made it in good time.

BY the time the train had left the station, I was already settled into my couchette with the light out staring at the city as we pulled slowly out of the station. As the lights faded and we started moving across the dark country side, I watched a bit of a movie on my laptop before lying down and trying to sleep. The very thin 'mattress' on the flat metal plate that served as the bed turned out to be a bit of a godsend. When the train would lurch a bit, the mattress would move instead of my body, which proved to be a lot less painful. Eventually, I drifted off to sleep and at somepoint near daw crossed the border into the Netherlands.

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photo by: AleksandraEa