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The day broke grey and drippy,. which is pretty much how I was feeling. Definately a cold. Serious lack of energy, but I couldn't let that stop me from seeing something of the city. I forced myself out of bed and out into the drizzly day. My first stop was the shopping plaza across the road from the Alexsanderpltz, where a tourism office is located. I picked up a better map than the one I had and then went in search of a drug store. I found one and bought a bunch of different cold remedy type things. I then slipped into the grocery store next door to grab something that I could have for lunch.

The selection of premade sandwiches was crazy,,, prime roast beef on lightly toasted 7-grain bread with a dijonaisse-horseradish-truffle spread... Mediterarian marinated tuna salad with sweet corn relish on whole wheat.

.. a chicken tikka on egg bread. Sweet pete, the quality and selection was mind boggling. And beside it was all kinds of different combinations of fruits and veggies in snack sized portions. In Canada, we'd have chicken salad, ham salad and egg salad. If the place is really fancy, maybe some tuna salad. And lots of bags of potato chips. It was nice to see someone giving quick meals a bit fo thought. I selected my lunch and headed back out to see what the weather was like.

The weather was slightly better, so I decided to risk a stroll. I crossed to the park under neither the Fernsehturm (TV Tower) as well as the Marienkirche (St. Mary's Church'). I didn't go into either at the time. I've since done some research on St. Mary's, and it seems that it contains a fresco called the 'Dance of Death' that I would have loved to have seen.

Across the street was a large park, which I believe would have been an approach to the Palace that used to be across the river. The park had been repurposed by the Soviets and now has a statue of Marx and Engels in it's center. At the time I was there, there was a small bit of French pro-capitalist grafitti on the statue. It was a kind of surreal moment. That could just have been a reaction to the 19 different medications I had taken though. Your mileage may vary.

 I crossed a bridge at the northeast end of the bridge and found myself in the Am Lustgarden, and was immediately beset upon by woman needing money for their children. Extricating myself as quickly as I could I headed in the direction of the museums, where there was quite a flurry of activity.

I apporacjed and found a long line wind8ing about amongst the buildings. Eventually it came to my attention that this was the line for the Neues Museum ('New Museum') which had just reopened the day before, after being closed since the early years of World War II.

The line was probably at the two hour wait time, so I decided to not even bother and just spent my time walking around Museum Island. Looking at some of the original buildings and parts of building in the area, you can see the damage inflicted by the instruments of war. The layout of the island and the buildings on it make a strong defensive position and the fighting here was intense during the Battle of Berlin. In a strange way, some of the damage comes across as a stoic beauty, if that makes any sense.

By this time the rain was starting to come down again, so I decided to head back to the hotel for a little nap. Which felt so good that I immediately took another. And then it was bed time. So I took another dose of the German mystery medicine and went to sleep.

Africancrab says:
Nice blog, beautiful photos
Posted on: Jan 24, 2012
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