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The train pulled into the station at around 7AM and I was the last one to struggle off. I worked my way down the stairs and slowly through the busy ruch hour station. Once outside, I weaved my way through the traffic until I got to a coffee shop. No, not that kind of coffee shop. University was a long time ago, and it was 8 in the morning. I had a coupel of couples of coffee and ordered a few small bits of food while using their wifi, waiting for check in time at the hotel.

FInally, it was 11:30 and I coudl make my way to the hotel. The walk really sucked, as my back was in full bore hate pain at the way I was treating it. I needed something for my muscles and time to le down. While in the cafe I had found a pharmacy, and I shuffled in and asked if they happened to speak English, which of course they did. I got some ibuprofin in big honking pill form and checked into my hotel. 

I was disappointed with the hotel, but there was nothoing that could be done about it at this point. I popped one of the pills, chugged a bunch of water and then lay down and tried to wish the pain away.

And somewhere around 36 hours later, I was able to get uup and walk again. Slow and clunky, but at least well enough to go and get something to eat.

After I ate, Iwander around a bit and tried to see something. It was a bit too late, but I walked up around a wee bit and got my bears for the next day. I retired early so that I could get an early move on the next day.

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