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This was tio be my last day in Berlin, and I decided that I wanted to see some art. It doesn't happen often at all, and it usually doesn't last long, but it happens. I don't have the attention span required to appreciate art in the way that some peopel can. That being said, sometimes trying can be fun.

I decided upon the Gemäldegalerie because I like old thins, and it covers the 13th to 18th centuries. I spent several hours in the museum and saw some wonderful pieces, but the bug didn't bite and I still know nothing about art. I did see one painting that I recognized from a Rick Steves show, and a Caravaggio, which was nice. I'd neevr seen one in person before, but had been curious since seeing Simon Schama's excellent BBC series called 'The Power of Art'.

It came >this< close to making me really like art. 

After checking out the gallery, I started walking East, soon found myself near Checkpoint Charlie. We hadn't gone into the museum the day before with the NewEurope tours, so I went to see what it was all about. It was ridiculously crowded and they have a policy of no photographjy, which turns me away from museums under the best of circumstances. So, I decided to skip that. I wandered around the souvenir shop next door, checking out over price official reproduction wall pieces but the temptation passed

I then started wandering back in the genral direction of the hotel. Along the way I took a lot of picture of things that I had seen the previous day. I'd somehow managed to trash the UV filter on my camera at some point during the NewEurope tour and my pictures were truning out with very odd results. So on my way back from that tour I had picked up a new UV filter. So I spent some time reshooting the things whose pictures were ruined.

My last stop in Berlin before bed time was a Currywurst stand. Bratwurst sauges served in a hot ketchuppy curry sauce with a big ole mab of bier.... That's some good times right there.

I went back to the hotel and got my packing done. Up again early the next day for another train ride. 


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photo by: CFD