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I woke up with the dawn and after a nice shower headed down to the breakfast room with my laptop for some eggs and internet. After I finished eating and tweeting, I headed out to Marienplatz to meet up with the folks from NewEuope Munich tours. Marienplatz is the old town square where you can find both the Old Town Hall and the New Town Hall. It is also where you will find the Glockenspiel, a musical clock with animated figures that tells a cyclical story. I managed to look away before it could use it's magical influence on me.

Based on my experiences so far with the NewEurope tours, I had decided that I would join their tour to Dachau, which meets in Marienplatz (which is also where most of their other tours meet.

) The day was gray and there was an off and on sprinkling of rain. Appropriately gloomly, given what I had planned for the day.

The tour group was easy to find and we got started on time. The price of the tour includes the public transportation fees (a train and and a bus) in addition to the tour. The tour itself was well presented and well paced. It never felt rushed nor was I chomping at the bit to leave. I'm not going to go into more detail about the tour then that.

We got back in the late afternoon which gave me just enough time to get a quick bite to eat, shower and change, before heading out to the train station to meet... the NewEurope guides. This evening I was going on the Beer Hall Challenge. The challenge is not a drinking contest... throughout the night the history of beer as pertains to Munich and Bavaria was taught and at the end of the night there was a quiz.

The winner got any NewEurope tour of their choice for free, which is pretty good because they offer a day trip to Neuschwanstein (Ludqig the Mad's castle, which Disney based his castles on) that goes for 30 Euros.

We were an eclectic lot. The bulk of the group was two groups of university age kids from the States, there was a group of 5 guys and a group of 4 girls. The rest of the group was generally older, capping out with a couple from New Zealand in the late forties. We started out with a beer at a stand sitting right outside the train station while our guide explained the laws regarding public drinking. After that, we were off to the Hoffbrau house... except they don't take reservations, and were super packed.

They let us walk through, and it was a mad house. I'm not entirely sure I wanted to stay (not after one beer at least.)

We ended up across the street, at the Augestiner am Platz. And their was beer, and it was good. And we learned about the size of glasses and the types of beer. And I totally confused the waitress by trying to order in German. Good times. 

We went to two other beer halls that night, but they were spread out and we had to take the trains and I can't for the life of me find either one of them on the google maps. If I knew the names of them it would probably help. Alas, the pleasures of beer come at a price. At least I woke up with both my kidneys intact.

I kid though... after the last of the beerhalls, the tour retires to a bar adjoined to a hostel where you are served a complimentary shot of jaegermeister, which is a slap in the face to all the quality beer you have been drinking all evening.

While I didn't win for having had the most to drink, I was silently congratulated for having had the most to drink while maintaining my sobriety. The folks from the tour started to drop away, and I eventually faded with them. I stopped on the way back to the hotel for the obligatory drunkards dinner, purchased from 'Maxi Donerkebap'. I was a bit worried about the next day. I'm not as young as I used to be and I'd been drinking like a 20 year old. Nothing to be done about it now. Good night  

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