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Ceiling of the Great Hall, British Museum

The flight from Montreal to London was uneventful. The food was not horrendous, and there were no screamy kids. Landed and spent a brief period in customs, due to the fact that we were the closest of seven planes to disembark at the same time. Watching the room fill up behind us was staggering, and I made a mental note to make an offering of thanks to the travel gods (which I forgot to do and paid for later in the trip.)

I caught the tube from Heathrow to Piccadilly Circus, even though I knew that I couldn't check into the hostel for another 6 hours. As might be expected, Picadilly was packed with morning traffic.

Elgin Marbles, British Museum
  I stopped by the hostel and dropped off one of my bags in their secure storage room. I then had to find a way to kill 4 hours until I could hope to check in (or 6 hours until check in time.)

And like a magnet, I was drawn to the British Museum. On my previous trip to London,  I stayed at the same hostel and arrived at the same time... and pretty much went straight from the hostel to the British Museum. In fact, if you were to compare the first few pictures I shot of my trip back in 2004 and the ones from this more recent trip, you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference (except for the fact that my new camera has 9 bazillion megahertz doohickeys.)

At the heart of me, I'm a geek and I like museums, most specifically museums that center around history, although an art gallery now and again is good for the soul.

And, boy howdy, is the British Museum chock full of history. Some really enthralling objects in the collection.

Several hours killed, I stumbled back to the hostel. I mananged to get into my room extra early and immediately proceeded to the showers. That refreshed me, and made me more willing to stand in public. At this point, I'd been up for around 30 hours and I knew that if I gave into the temptation to take a nap now, I would need to spend the next several days trying to adjust to the time difference. Deciding to power through until bed time, I repacked a little bit to make my day bag lighter and then headed out into the afternoon.

The weather was unpleasent, but not daunting. Overcast and way more muggy than I would have expected in October. I walked about two block to Trafalgar Square.

Everything in the area was winding down for the afternoon, so I just wandered around looking at things and taking pictures. I looped the long way around and hooked through taking side streets, essentially daring myself to get lost. It didn't work, although I did end up at Leiceister Square, which wasn't where I expected to be. So techniclly speaking, maybe I was lost? I was looking at the different theatre adverts and looking to see if there were any reasonably priced shows running when the heavens let loose with rain aplenty.  Dryness being the better part of valour, I began moving as quickly as I could from cover to cover, with the objective of just getting to the hostel, with a stop food for along the way. I stopped at a really American style restaurant (Adam's Rib on Shaftsbury) and over paid for a lacklustre meal.
Feeling unsatisfied and guilty, I stepped out into the street. The rain had stopped and evn though I was dead on my feet, I walked around a bit more. I went into a series of stores trying to find something, although for thr life me I can't remember what it was. I do recall being so certain that a sporting goods store would carry one that I walked up and down the stairs of a six story shop looking for it. It seemed somewhat important at the time, but obviously wasn't very.

It was closing on 10PM, and I figured as good as time as any to pass out for 8-10 hours. I walked back towards the hostel, but stopped in my tracks when I saw that the pub nearest the hostel carried Spitfire, one of my favourite ales. I popped in a ordered a quick pint, followed by a slightly less quick pint, before finally moving off towards the hostel and sleep.

montecarlostar says:
Hey there congrats on your feature!!
Posted on: Jan 25, 2012
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Ceiling of the Great Hall, British…
Ceiling of the Great Hall, Britis…
Elgin Marbles, British Museum
Elgin Marbles, British Museum
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