New Years Day! Happy asshole!

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buonanno or Happy new year! One must be very careful of pronounciation however, as buonano, pronounced only slightly different to buonanno, means happy asshole. I'm quite sure that I wished a heap of Andrea's family happy asshole however they are courteous and friendly and try to understand my 'speak Italian small'...and when they don't understand they will still give me a hug and kiss on the cheek.

It's new years day and the news in Italy is reporting that about 500 people were injured and two killed as a result of fireworks explosions gone wrong last night. Fireworks are well and truly legal and accepted in Italy. At midnight, Andrea and I walked out into the street to watch and listen to all the fireworks bang and sparkle down Andrea's street before returning to the warmth and safety of inside!

We celebrated new years with Cate, Nicole, Shaz and Tim at Andrea's parents house. Depsite a few beers, spritzs, lemoncello's and tiramisu, I didn't have a hangover and so felt quite alright in the morning with Andrea's family all coming over to let me wish them happy asshole! Cate, Nicole, Shaz and Tim came over for lunch of orange and morlacco (a local cheese from monta grappa) risotto. After lunch, Andrea drove us all into Bassano for a walk and some gelatto. Bassano was quite busy, and the bridge which previously was occupied by Andrea and I and a handful of other locals and some fellow Australian tourists, was packed with people enjoying new years day (and the last day of holidays). After Bassano  we went to my new favourite pub, Casa Rossa (the red house) for a few beers. Tim ordered a beer called 'Demon beer'  which at 12% left him needing some assitance to finish! It was a fun car ride home with lots of singing and nonsense which we seem to excel at. After our big lunch (and seemingly weeks of non stop eating) we had a simple dinner or cheese, salumi, olives, peas and brocoli, chips accomponied well by some more beer, wine and bourbon at the B&B where Cate, Nicole, Shaz and Tim were staying. Andrea invited around his other friend Andrea who brought some more beers. Overall, a fun day and night!

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