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Andrea playing with Giada

Today we slept in till 9am, something very easy to do here with the wooden shutters which keep the light at bay and ensure a dark room.

At the very moment, I am at Andrea's house, sitting in his kitchen playing something similar to Trouble with Giada, Andrea's 5 year old niece. Today seems to be the first day since leaving Brisbane, and even before then, that we haven't had a list of plans that requires scheduling and planning. Today's events have been minimal, but enjoyable nonetheless, a leisurely typical Italian breakfast of coffee and biscuits, before having a shower.  I know that I am beginning to adapt to life in Italy (in winter) when I shower every 2nd or 3rd day. The fact is that it's too cold to sweat, and the effort of stripping off five layers of clothes and the re-dressing outweighs the benefits of a shower, not to mention the fact that my hair seems to take hours to dry, even after a good 20mins under the hair dryer. Wet hair = cold head. Then some time skyping with mum and dad before lunch. Andrea's mum once again made a delicious feast, on the menu today was Gnocchi Pomodore (Gnocchi in a tomato sauce). Andrea's niece was here for lunch, as was his brother and sister in law. They often come over for lunch or dinner, family is the central focus of much of daily life. For example, Andrea's parents live directly next door to his aunt and uncle (who lives upstairs) and cousin and her daughter Sara (who live downstairs). Across the driveway lives Andrea's cousin, her husband and two kids. Next door to them lives another of Andrea's cousins and her boyfriend. Next to them, is Andrea's aunt and uncle, and still more cousins. And then across the road and up two houses is Andrea's brother, sister in law and Giada. Andrea's (unfinished) house is next to his brother.  I'm still getting used to the constant coming and going of family and friends. 

After lunch we went for a walk, a good chance to digest some Gnocchi, and enjoy the beauty of the local surrounds. There are so many old barns, clear creeks flowing with fresh mountain water and the odd new big house just to mix things up. The area is dominated by dirt fields which in summer become corn fields (the corn can only grow in the summer months) and there is a great smell of fresh shit walking past some of the lots. Andrea pointed out an old barn that as a boy, he, and the other local kids (mostly cousins) thought was haunted. I must admit, it did look just a bit creepy, I certainly wouldn't want to be alone in there! The weather today has not been too cold, 1-8C. Tonight, we are going to take it easy, Andrea's cooking fennel and potato soup and after that we might go for a drink or just stay home and attempt to finish watching 2001, A Space Odyssey which we started last night.

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Andrea playing with Giada
Andrea playing with Giada
Ramon di Loria
photo by: kateb84