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31st December, what better way to celebrate the last day of the year but a trip to Asiago in the 'baronmobile' with Andrea, Cate, Nicole, Shaz and Tim. Asiago is about 90mins drive from Andrea's place. It is quite high in the mountains, and getting there involved some skilled driving, thanks to Andrea for turning the van around at least 10 hairpin turns! Luckily there was no ice on the road and tire traction was alright or some of the turns may have been just a little scary. We stopped about halfway up the mountain to get some fresh air, coffee, chips and coke - all vital to ease the motion sickness - as well as some good photo opportunities. Tim filled up his water bottle with fresh, icy water from the tap running with water from the mountain... I'll have to take a couple of bottles with me next time! As Andrea drove up the mountain, I began to see some white powdery formations in the valleys below us... I got pretty excited when Andrea confirmed that this was indeed snow! As we didn't have chains for the tyres, we decided to stop at a spot where some artificial snow had made a ski run, ideal for kids learning to ski ( 3 & 4 year olds skiing down the mountain) and for us to toboggan! €5was all it took for toboggan hire and maximum fun! One boy, probably about 7 or 8 years old, had a homemade wooden sled and lasso. He seemed intent on wanting to race Andrea down the slope, he ensured that this happened by following us around and standing in front of Andrea wherever he was until the race took place. With a slight weigh advantage, Andrea was the winner, although this child seemed intent on a re-run. We managed to escape from him for one last run down the mountain, heading to the top of the slope! Andrea and I went together, with 150kg on board, and Andrea driving, we managed to get down the slope in record time and still in one piece, having narrowly avoided hitting the child and a wooden pole diving the toboggan slope from the tiny skiers! Our faces, hands and feet were frozen and the best method of defrosting is hot drinks, this time we opted for hot chocolate which warmed our bellies nicely! We headed home, stopping a few kilometers down the road to a field which was covered in real snow. We (at least I) didn't seem to mind how cold the snow was to touch, I was urged to touch the snow, and spent the next 15mins or so picking up snow and throwing it up, letting the snow fall over us like it was snowing. I well and truly felt like a child, giggling and frolicking around in the freezing snow. Either the snow has some kind of magic power or the hot chocolate was laced with something I want again! We again decided to head home, stopping agian half way down the mountain for lunch... by chance it was 3pm which meant it was new year in Australia. A perfect occassion for a beer (and pizza) and some reflection of what we might be doing had we been in Australia. We again decided to head home, this time stopping at Marostica where twice a year, a real life chess tournament takes place in the main square. No chess tournament today, but a faux ice ring filled with pumping pop music and children ramming themselves into the sides of the walls. Great to watch, but again we felt cold and needed to seek shelter inside a cafe to drink hot chocolate and spritz! We headed back to Ramon for a new years eve celebration which included the best pizza I have tasted at a local pizzeria before heading to Andreas house for drinks and celebrations with Cate, Nicole, Shaz and Tim! After the excitement of the day, celebrations were quiet. At midnight we went out into the street to watch the fireworks the neighbours were letting off before Andrea and I went next door to his aunt’s house for some lemoncello and tiramisu which topped off a great day. I hope that the new year will be just as good as the last day of 2011!

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