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My festive toes :P

This is the first year since 2006 that my roommate and I have celebrated together on time.. for the past few years we would plan our own separate NYE celebration a week or two later when I finally make it home on time from work and family obligations in the North.

I had a blast! Charity, her Boyfriend - Larry- and I reserved a hotel room a few blocks away from the French Quarter, I got all dolled up in my latest of red sassy dresses and then we hit the town at 6pm. We wanted to have a nice dinner first. Normally Charity and I dine at this Italian place - Primos - on Decatour St, but were shock to learn that the place was now another seafood and gumbo cafe.. UGH as if NOLA needs another place selling the same food items as every other local cuisine. We walked further down and found another italian place that also served local fare.

My new bangs and red sassy dress that I ruined with my metal purse.. I'm a genius! :/
It was okay. My friends loved their meals, I had pasta and sauce. my meal was fine - nothing to return to, but nothing to complain about. 

what was great about our meal was having the whole balcony to ourselves and watching one of the waiters light small fireworks over our heads. literally over our heads. I was pretty sure that I was going to have some gunpowder or something land in my food..  

After our meal we made out way to the first bar  - The Abbey. It was a really cool place with a great jukebox! The decor was something of an evil church.. there was a ceiling decoration or fan made from stain glass windows and more beautiful stain glass windows from another church along the wall but hung upside down. in the corner was a skeleton nun and more skeletons behind the bar along with old t-shirts that demand savages to repent.

There was also a large bumper sticker that read "Sit on a happy face" haha.

The people were cool. I got a free car bomb from a strange guy and hippie chick next to me.. I was nervous but figured tht it looked freshly made and I had my roommate there to make sure that I am not abducted and raped in the back of a VW bus..

Around 9:30 we make out way to Frenchmen St to see a jazz show at the Snug Harbor - thanks to Vance for the recommendation! I really enjoyed the show! it was something different. I wanted to see the earlier show and be outside for the midnight firework showing, but my roomie felt that it was better to be someplace and wanted the later show. She wasn't really into the improv jazz, I think she was expecting something else. But I still liked it and stayed behind when she and Larry left to hang out at the bar. I found the setting to be cozy and really enjoyed the free champagne at the end of the show :)

After ringing in the new years we all went to another bar in the Frenchmen area and from there everything went blurry. I blame the champagne.. :P 

There was much confusion between the three of us; and Larry, we learned, has really poor sense of direction after drinking several beers and being coerced into 5 whiskey shots with charity. :)

we eventually made it back to the hotel room around 4 or 4:30. that would make 10 hours of drinking and partying in new Orleans. Which astounds me because the time seemed to fly like it was nothing. 

All in all. It was a good night. The city was not nearly as crowded as it was for mardi gras or the saints super bowl game a couple years ago. We never went to bourbon street, so perhaps that was where everyone was :) 

2012 GOALS!

1. Save 10-15% of each check. Small note. I apparently have a problem with spending too much money on overpriced dresses, too many pairs of earrings and drinking like I was in collage again. So to curb my spending habit I am not buying another dress, pair of earrings OR beer without putting the equal amount of money into my savings account..  

2. Write and publish two blog posts a month for my Palechickstudios blog. I need to keep up with my writing and push myself since I don't think I was very successful last year.

3. Pay off my credit card debt. I want to make some big changes by the end of 2012 and getting out of credit card debt is going to help me make those big decisions when the time comes..

 4. Continue with bringing some order into my life. I did pretty well last year with this goal but I think I need to go further with it. 

more Photos coming soon!

esterrene says:
Thanks for the suggestion. I have a few coin jars around the house and in my car for all loose change to go into. :)
Posted on: May 03, 2012
dahling says:
Like the toes - I have a suggestion about saving. I bought myself a piggy bank that I cannot open. Whenever I have a fiver, it goes in there - it sums up quickly and gives you a nice head start ;)
Posted on: May 03, 2012
esterrene says:
Thanks everyone!! :)
Posted on: Jan 24, 2012
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My festive toes :P
My festive toes :P
My new bangs and red sassy dress t…
My new bangs and red sassy dress …